How To Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement For Better Results

LinkedIn serves as one of the best platforms to build and maintain business connections, according to Forbes. However, just being present on LinkedIn isn’t enough to build meaningful, relevant connections.

Just like every other social media platform, it’s built with marketing in mind but instead of products, it’s designed to market you as an employable professional.

Because of this, there are a few very useful strategies that anyone can employ in order to drive engagement of their profile and increase the number of connections they make through it.

Build a Stellar Profile

Based on research by The Ladders, it’s estimated that recruiters spend as little as six (6) minutes on a profile on LinkedIn, making that first impression even more important than you may initially think.

Having a good profile layout is one way to do it, but in addition to that, the information on your profile should be relevant and the profile photo should be professional and updated regularly. Knowing that you’re being interviewed from the time a recruiter sees your picture on LinkedIn means that that initial contact needs to leave an impression.

Update Regularly

Like all content marketing out there, regular updates are necessary to get the most out of a LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have the time to update, then you should make the time to do so.

Updating your profile every month, or even every quarter with your newest achievements and jobs can mean the difference between being accepted as a prospect and being rejected because someone isn’t sure about where you are now professionally.

Keyword Marketing Works

One of the lesser-knowns ways to “hack” LinkedIn for clients is to include keyword terms within profiles and descriptions. These keywords show up when people perform searches looking for a particular skill or ability.

Knowing when and where to place those tags is very important. Keeping those words to the kind of jobs you’re willing to write for as well as the type of work you do can go a long way towards filling your profile out and giving recruiters more to work with.

Your Shares Show Your Taste

While on regular social media you would share something that might impact you emotionally, on LinkedIn your shares should be something that you think is interesting from a business perspective or that allows others to see where your ideas about professional growth stem from.

As CIO says, LinkedIn can potentially torpedo a career if someone sees something that may impact or damage your professional reputation . Shares are the way that people looking at the potential employee behind the professional profile learn about them. It’s worth taking a bit of time to think before just sharing a post because it seems interesting.

Post Regularly if Possible

As with all other forms of social media, having posts to engage an audience is a necessity, especially if you’re a men’s barber shop Toronto. Social media is the kind of place where you want engagement from your peers and suggestions to develop your professional career.

The only way people will be able to do that is if they are aware of where you are professionally, and that requires you to update them on it. Updates come in the form of text, or video, or photos.

All of these provide an insight into how you’re developing as a professional and how that professional development makes you better in your industry than others. Don’t be afraid to update as often as you can, but make sure those updates are substantial.

Posting mindless updates is a good thing for Facebook or Twitter, but on LinkedIn your professional reputation may be at stake depending on what you say and how you say it.

Engagement Equals Offers

LinkedIn is where companies go to headhunt who they see as the best in a field. It’s a place where opportunity is rife, but only if you can market yourself property will it come knocking on your door.

The responsibility lies on you to provide information to your potential clients about what you do and have done, as well as update them as to how you have been progressing.

Using relevant keywords helps them to find you, but ensuring that they know as much about you before they contact you is an essential part of landing the kind of jobs you want.

At the end of the day, the onus is on you to put your best foot forward. Treat LinkedIn as the social media marketing platform that you can use to sell your goods and services as an employable professional.

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