Social Media Marketing – Get Featured on LinkedIn – The Exhaustive & Comprehensive Guided Overview

This is another article in my series of Building a Launch. This series is to walk a new startup or business through what we are going through on Feedster and help answer the questions we have to answer to launch.~ Will Robins, Executive Managing Editor @ Feedster

The Exhaustive & Comprehensive Guided Overview on Ultimate Influencers Marketing Get Featured to Grow Your Audience on LinkedIn

Featured On Linked In


When you begin your Social Media Accounts you will want to start connecting with known influencers. Engaging with social media influencers allows you to increase awareness of your brand, create brand advocates, and increase online reputation. Check out this post about the 5 types of Social Media Influencers.

One of the best ways to skyrocket your influence in the business world is to have your blog post on LinkedIn feature on the top of one of their categories.

LinkedIn offers a blog otherwise known as the Pulse. When you start posting on LinkedIn you have aspirations that everyone in your network will read the post and share, like, comment, and eventually your post will make it to the top of Google and LinkedIn resulting in a ton of shares, traffic, influence, credibility, and growth in your business and social media profiles.

If you look at one of my recent post on LinkedIn, you will notice that I took a lot of the advice from the experts we feature in this article. I did receive a larger number of shares to views ratio but I still have not yet succeeded in my post making its way to the top of LinkedIn Pulse and gaining the traffic that I aspire to getting. Do me a favor and jump over there and Like, Comment, and Share it.

The Top of LinkedIn Pulse Rain Making in Action

The difference in making it to the top of LinkedIn versus your own stream are great in terms of the number of eyes on your information and impact that your post will have.

Today we are “rounding up” some experts that have been featured on LinkedIn pulse multiple times. We asked them one simple question.

What does it take, what can you do, to make your post featured on LinkedIn?

Introducing the Experts:

Featured on Linked InKyle Reyes – Creative Director and President of The Silent
Partner Marketing

Kyle has had multiple blogs featured on the front page of LinkedIn Pulse.
He has more than 7500 followers on his LinkedIn Blog and 174 published

Here are his recommendations:

“You need to be relevant and timely. Tie into what’s trending right now. You need to be extraordinarily conversational and infuse a lot of your personality in it. Backing your content with current statistics and data goes a really long way. Make sure to include tags for the relevant categories that you want to be featured in. You need to have a strong picture and an engaging title that draws attention to the topic you are looking to be featured in. Distribute the blog among the group and social channels that will drive interest to the blog. That will increase the likelihood that LinkedIn will recognize the piece as value. When you encourage others to share your blog with a simple call to action, it goes a long way.” says Reyes.

Checkout – Kyle’s LinkedIn

His article that was featured on Linked In


How to Get Featured On Linked In
How to Get Featured On Linked In


Featured In Linked InRoshawnna Novellus, Ph.D. – President, Novellus Financial

Amazon Author, Budgeting Is More Liberation Than Limitation

Roshawnna has a weekly call (Business Surgery – Catchy Name) that helps aspiring businesses solve problems.

“Getting featured on LinkedIn pulse requires a track record, a healthy level
of post shares and likes, and a slant towards education over selling within
the article.

My article Fail Like Barbara Corcoran was
featured on three pulse channels :
VC & Private Equity
– Leadership & Management
– Professional Women

This act resulted in 38,000 article views and over 300 article shares. I believe that this article was featured because of the topic, the number of articles that I had previously featured, and the popularity of the subject.” Says Novellus

Checkout Roshawnna’s LinkedIn 

These two exceptional individuals were very helpful in showing a pattern. That pattern being:

1. Focus on the Headline – LinkedIn didn’t reveal much about how their publishing platform worked, until recently in this post on their blog. I suspect that human editors decide what content gets featured on channels since the writer doesn’t select that information when publishing a post. Featured articles get an amazing amount of traffic. Headlines play a big part in that so I know they look hard at that piece before selecting.

2. Grow your followers – More followers means more influence. Grabbing more and more people into your influential web will help you gain likes and shares when you publish your new blogs and share them.

3. Publish often – The more you publish the more of a crowd that will become attracted to your writing. When your “people” came to your profile due to your writing then you are way more likely to have active followers because of the way you attracted them.

4. Publish on Popular Topics – Popular Topics will make your post have a better chance of showing up in searches and suggestions. The editorial calendar which will show later in this post is also a good place to focus on what to write about when.

Getting Featured On Linked In

DIVING Deeper in Getting Featured On LinkedIn

The experts are truly amazing. I look at their profiles and instantly they scream credibility. I can see why anyone would, and I did, feature them in an article and Linked In. They are credible and do a wonderful job displaying that credibility on their profiles and all of their social media as well as their business branding. This is important to pay attention to just as much as the other points. They are marked as credible as soon as you visit or Google their names, business, or social media.

My Take Away from both of the experts are:

  • Take my Branding on Social Media up about 4 Levels – Looking at their profiles and business pages really shows you what “stands out” vs. “Normal”
  • Blog More and More on Social Media, Linked In, Medium, and similar type blogs
  • Share my LinkedIn in my signature on email etc..
  • Learn to enter my personality in more of my Social Blogging

I am a beginner in terms of “high profile” positions. I prided myself up until Feedster as being the Ghost in the Machine. So, I went digging for someone that had more of an answer on how to possibly get featured on LinkedIn as I build my Social Media Network.

LinkedIn Advertising:

LinkedIn Advertising works a lot like Google PPC or Facebook Ads. The LinkedIn Ads can actually help you gain views and likes on your post. You can boost your post performance. Short of being featured on Post this is one of the most overlooked methods to gaining exposure for your articles and information. If your goal is to get more people looking at your article then you obviously will write the best article you can. Since you are putting that much effort into it then you should definitely consider Advertising it as that will ensure you gain viewers on the post.

There are a lot of great post about advertising on LinkedIn:

This 2013 article was the #6 most read article that year on Clickz –

Enter Quora:

I went digging deeper in the internet. I found an interesting article that had a book attached to it on Quora. The book didn’t interest me. The actual quote below it did.

Quora Link:

The person at the bottom of that particular post mentions (questioning credibility) that he has 23 post and has been featured 2 times. This would totally blow the “write more” “have more friends” theories that others have had completely away as a theory on what makes some post get featured. I wish I could have dug up, and I tried, his post and profile.


Digging Deeper Still:

A complete resource with exceptional information:

The problem with this particular post is simply it is from 2014. I still think a lot of the information is great to think through in order to go for the goal of getting featured in LinkedIn Pulse. I just am not sure how much of the data that he sifted and analysed through is still the same. The human editors at Linked In probably are much different and understand a lot more about their audience today than they did then.


Write for a specific channel:

I found this information to be much like the above. It was a good general guide but one thing stood out as far as mindset. Write for a specific channel. Have that channel in mind. Much like you would market to your Buyer’s Persona within your content, the same idea applies within the Linked In Community. You will need to know your followers and write with their interest in mind.


Featured 80 Times on Pulse:

Obviously he has something unique about how to get featured on LinkedIn Pulse.

This is a great read so I urge you to read it. Here are the main “Pro Tips” I took away from this article.

Promote Your Content: Obviously you need to tweet, Facebook, share, and try to get as many views on your content as you possibly can.

Tweet your articles out containing the words “Tip@LinkedInPulse”. This is a special Twitter feed set up exclusively for LinkedIn editors.

I can not find the editorial calendar for LinkedIn. Please Drop it in Comments if you know the link. Here is a picture that I was able to find in Images on Google:

LinkedIn Editorial Calendar
LinkedIn Editorial Calendar

Look at experts that could possibly help build my social profile to the status I need to be a shoe in for features. Anytime one of those companies has a tremendous experience like : 80 features on LinkedIn : I definitely need to look into them as an option for Feedster and myself.


LinkedIn’s Answer to Getting Featured? –

LinkedIn offers advice on how to get your content featured. Real basic but they did leave an email address.

If you have any more questions about how to feature content on LinkedIn, please reach out to Please note that not all inquiries will receive a response.

I would also follow and tweet the article to Pulse’s twitter –


Buffer – Major Stats About LinkedIn:

This article is packed with information. I broke it down to bullet points but I can truly say this is a definite bookmark as most of the post on Buffer Blog are.

  • LinkedIn sends nearly 4 Times more traffic to your homepage compared to Twitter and Facebook!
  • Most in Demand Content – Industry Insights 
  • Publish Mid Week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – Avoid Weekends, Mondays, and Late Afternoons
  • Post At Least 20 Times a Month
  • 20% of your Followers will be Reached with Your Status Updates
  • Employees – Help them to Help your brand – Ask for shares, likes, and social syndication from them
  • Learn from your Previous Engagement and Articles


Timing Is Everything To Get Noticed and Featured

Featured In LinkedIn
Getting Featured In LinkedIn is About Timing

As Buffer mentioned in their article. The time in which your posts come out may be a huge influence on how many people see it initially.

The timing is definitely different on LinkedIn than it is on Twitter, Facebook, or G+. With LinkedIn your audience is in business mode. This means during the height of that time will be and is the best time to post.

Mid week – Wednesday between 10 – 2 pm is the best time to post. The worst times are Weekends and between the hours of 10 pm to 6 am. & The best time to publish on a social network may vary from network to network, but ideally you want to post content around noon or early evening.


Few Last Tips to End The Complete Influencers Growing Guide to LinkedIn

Round out all of your social profiles and study the advice of those that are crushing it on Social Media. Companies like Buffer - and HubSpot – have a lot of guides, content, advice, and insights on how to take your social marketing to another level.


Here are some of the major points I picked up specifically to LinkedIn as I went through finding the most up to date information. This entire post should be an exhaustive & comprehensive overview.

  1. Profile Picture – Make sure you have a professional picture and that you share really great images in the post.
  2. Focus on writing – Great Content:–Creating-Ridiculously/dp/1118905555/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1442628839&sr=1-1&keywords=ann+handley
  3. Keywords Matter – You are writing for your audience and understanding the keywords that trigger action on their part becomes important for your “early adopters” –
  4. For some reason if you use 8 photos (and it is exactly 8!) in your post it can fare better than others.
  5. Adding videos or multimedia content seemed to hurt some posts in terms of ranking and trending on Pulse.
  6. Negative and overly emotional-sounding titles didn’t seem to work as well. (“Why I HATE Cold Calls” vs. “Why Cold Calls Are No Longer Effective”)
  7. Numbers in titles also didn’t work as well. (“3 Reasons NOT to Use Numbers on your Next LinkedIn Headline!” vs. “Why You Should Avoid Numbers With LinkedIn Headlines”)
  8. Syndicate Your Content and Do Not Take Shortcuts Trying To Buy Views or Social Signals –