Local Marketing

5 marketing tips to boost your spa business

In today’s competitive world, coming up with effective ways to promote your spa is one of the most important challenges you may face. The following marketing tips will help you attract new customers and propel your business to new heights.

Create a user-friendly website

Since the vast majority of customers are tech-savvy and do their research online before choosing a spa, having a simple website for your business is no longer an option. Your website is the face of your spa online, so make sure it is attractive, stylish and powerful. Invest in a professional photographer to give your customers an insight of your luxurious interior and make them want to visit. Create an easy to navigate website that is also mobile-friendly and make up-to-date key information like your services, opening hours, prices and contact details, accessible. Providing the option to book an appointment online will be icing on the cake.

Know your competition

We tend to perceive our competitors as enemies, however, they are a source of valuable information. Take time to get to know them – visit their website and social media profiles, inquire about services and prices, and find out what their main advertising channels are. Learning from the successes and failures of other spas can be a valuable element of building your own marketing strategy. What’s more, knowing your competition well will help you set your business apart and compete on benefits and values rather than prices.

Create your own content

Interesting and unique content will not only help your website to score higher in the Google Search Engine, but will also engage your customers and help you build your position as an expert. Interesting articles, “how to” guides, video tutorials, eye-catching photographs… There are many ways to entice the avid reader while showing them your level of expertise, so unleash your creativity and show your passion to the world.

Use the power of social media

Being active on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Pinterest, is a great way to promote your spa. Social media business profiles allow you to run low-cost advertising, share your links, photos and videos, encourage two-way communication, collect feedback and build your social media following. Start out with one or two platforms, so you can focus on quality and consistency which are key to increasing traffic and growing your business.

Build strong community connections

Your spa is a part of a certain diverse community and it is time to take advantage of it. Networking with local businesses and building mutually-beneficial relationships can play an important role in your marketing strategy.
Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Establish exclusive promotions between your spa and other local business partners (e.g. hair salon, wedding venue or a gym),
  • Host a local event that will delight the senses to give your potential customers an opportunity to experience your spa and get to know your staff,
  • Take part in regional business fares,
  • Help raise money for a local charity,
  • Make an appearance in local media.
  • Be visible, be involved and watch your clientele grow.

Marketing plays a key role in growing a spa, provided that it is based on a thought-out strategy and uses well-chosen techniques. Strive to be original in your ideas, consistent in chosen activities, plan ahead and use the tools fit for purpose. To find out how professional salon software can support your marketing strategy and boost your business go to https://www.versum.com/m/spa-software/ today.