5 Benefits of Lead Validation

Every business needs to get quality sales leads – it’s how they can continue to earn revenue and grow. Without leads, your business will stay where it is or even start to fail. When you get reliable, solid leads, you can grow your customer base as well as your profit. This is why lead validation is so important to your business.

What is Lead Validation?

With lead validation, you can verify and assign scores to the leads that are generated. This helps you figure out if you have a quality lead or not. Lead validation helps you separate sales leads from other marketing leads – and some companies find that only 50% of leads are actual sales leads. That’s a lot of time that can be wasted if the sales team focused on the wrong leads.

Why do you need lead validation? Your marketing efforts draw in a whole bunch of leads, but only some of them are actual sales leads. The other types of leads include job applicant inquiries and customer service calls. Even spam messages can be included in marketing leads. There’s no reason to waste time following up with those leads when there are people who are ready to buy waiting to hear from you. Here’s why lead validation is so important to your business:

1. You’ll understand if your marketing efforts are working.

With lead validation, you’ll get a lot of insight about where your leads are coming from. You can then compare those traffic sources to your marketing campaigns to determine how well they’re working. This will help you better allocate your marketing budget.

2. It’ll be easy to change your marketing efforts and still track efficacy.

With every new algorithm or social media trend, your marketing efforts have to pivot. Every time you do that, there’s insecurity about whether or not it’ll work. However, if you have lead validation as a regular part of your marketing and sales efforts, you’ll have a barometer to compare your new leads to. If you notice that you’re getting fewer quality leads, you can quickly adjust your efforts (again) to close the gap.

3. Your sales team will know what to spend time on.

There’s no reason for your sales team to spend time on non-sales leads. Lead validation makes your sales teams more efficient and productive because they won’t bother following up with people who clearly aren’t ready to buy. That also means that the rate of closed sales can improve.

4. Take advantage of warm or hot leads now.

A warm or hot lead is one who is close to making a purchase or becoming a customer. Lead validation will pinpoint exactly who those leads are. Then, your sales team can move quickly to answer any questions they have and close the sale. Without lead validation, you may wait too long to close those leads, causing them to grow cold in the interim.

5. Your sales team will be highly motivated.

When your sales team uses lead validation to contact the right people and close leads, they’ll be more excited about their job because their efforts are working so well. A highly-motivated sales team comes across as more excited and passionate about what they’re promoting and selling, which makes the soon-to-be-customer all the more eager to buy.

Marketing takes a ton of time, energy and investment. Lead validation helps you determine where your marketing is working and what needs to be improved. Plus, it can help you grow your customer base and increase your revenue.