6 Strategies for Boosting Your Marketing Business’ Sales in 2020

Few would argue with the statement that marketing has grown over the years to become one of the most fundamental parts of modern business, especially in our interconnected world. 

Marketing is vital to how many organizations function, and this is reflected in research from Gartner, which last year revealed that marketing expense budgets in North America and the UK account for 10.5 percent of company revenue.

Furthermore, many chief marketing officers polled in the survey added that they expected such budgets to increase across 2020.

With this in mind, it is likely that many organizations from a range of sectors will be looking for consultation and collaboration from marketing experts in the coming months.

But, with so many firms now operating in the sector, how can company owners ensure they pick a marketing partner whose services ultimately stand out from the crowd?

Here are just a few ideas on the simple steps that could put you on course to boosting your sales in the near future.

1. Go digital

Making the decision to digitize your core internal systems could really help to tidy up your operations and ensure you benefit from maximum clarity.

As an article on Medium outlines, digitalizing your business may also help you to deliver a better customer experience, boost productivity and also improve your efforts at both data analysis and collection.

In short, it can help you streamline and focus your efforts on what matters most.

2. Get staff on board

A key part of developing a positive and effective working environment is to ensure new recruits are well integrated into the organization.

Proper onboarding can be hugely important to retaining top talent, with this Harvard Business Review piece highlighting how the process can range from simply showing new recruits how things work to developing a sense of community.

Effectively retaining staff will ensure you can focus on moving your business forward instead of getting bogged down in recruitment matters.

3. Invest in your website

So many potential clients and customers will make your website their first port of call as they look to get a sense of what you do. With that in mind, you should consider your website design and whether the domain and its content could do with a refresh.

The common myth is that businesses should review websites every three years, but Walker Sands Digital takes a more realistic outlook on the issue.

Quite simply, the marketing experts advise that you should take the step at any time if your online portal “sucks” or to put it more mildly—if visitors and customers are not happy with it.

4. Use the right tools

There are a number of easy-to-use tools out there these days that can benefit businesses of all sizes, so consider whether specific systems may work for you.

For example, using a tool like Lusha for sales can be a useful step, as it could boost your productivity by locating and authenticating useful contact information, thus helping you in your outreach efforts.

Furthermore, project management systems may also be useful as you look to keep projects and key tasks organized.

Source: Pixabay

5. Consider thought leadership

Showcasing the expertise on offer within your organization could be a great way to highlight the skills you boast and the different sectors that these could support.

This goal can be achieved in different ways, from simply establishing a blog on your website and engaging with people on social media to actively heading out to events and even accepting offers for speaking engagements.

Taking such steps may not just highlight your abilities and knowledge: it could even directly lead to new business opportunities, as your employees expand on their network and more potential clients or customers hear about you.

6. Keep developing

The marketing world is constantly evolving, so it is vital that businesses involved in the sector continue to develop too.

Investing in professional development may ensure you and your staff are able to keep your skills fresh, with this, in turn, meaning you are on top of all the latest trends and technologies.

This could ensure your business is an attractive option for potential clients and especially those who pride themselves in being tech-savvy and trend-forward.

Stand apart from your rivals

Marketing is without a doubt a crucial part of many business strategies these days but, with so many organizations specializing in the area, it is vital for firms to try their best to stand apart from their rivals.

While there may well be other steps that marketing businesses can take to boost their fortunes this year, the ideas above should prove to be a useful starting point.

Take your venture to the next level in the months ahead – no matter if you’re part of an SME or a freelancer.