Elvira Gavrilova at her office

Elvira Gavrilova: Digital Marketing As A Rocket Site For Launching Your Business

If you succeed in business, it means you use marketing. This is a general truth because without a savvy marketing strategy even the most qualitative innovative product doesn’t stand a chance. And marketing, just like the world around us, keeps evolving.

To level your business up, you have to respond quickly and instrumentally to whatever changes emerge in the marketing environment.

Elvira Gavrilova, a marketing expert, PR strategist, producer, co-owner and CEO EU of the advertising company Amillidius, will share her insights into the leading trends in this area.

Being a business expert, she has always promoted her social and PR projects, utilizing up-to-date marketing tools. This was many times covered by the media, including such reputed ones as Forbes. 

Elvira Gavrilova: “A dialogue with a customer is a key to the company development”

The money, contributed by the companies around the world to digital marketing, now amounts to over a trillion dollars.

The analysts believe that in the nearest future, this area will account for over 50% of all advertising costs. So the popularity of what specific areas is going to sky-rocket and how are brands going to benefit from them?

“In recent decades, the essential meaning of the word “communication” has changed. These days, it switches to the on-line mode allowing for the direct dialogue with a person in any corner of the world.

This triggered the development of conversational marketing which enables the brand to have a one-to-one conversation with a customer,” says the marketing expert Elvira Gavrilova.

There are many channels of conversational marketing – various messengers, on-line consultants on web-sites, private messages on social media, chats, as well as time-proven ways, such as telephone calls, text messages, and mailing out.

Elvira Gavrilova at the Warsaw office of Amillidius (Poland)

“Recently, observing the customers of our company Amillidius, I could see the growing popularity of chat-bots”. This goes in line with the global statistics, showing that 63% of users opt for chat-bot messaging to communicate with a brand.

To develop your company, it is a must to listen to the customers you already have and discover the needs of your prospects. This is the fundamental principle of conversational marketing, and chat-bots translate this principle into practice quite efficiently.

This is the reason why I recommend to make active use of this marketing tool,” shares the business expert Elvira Gavrilova.

The direct dialogue helps to collect the feedback from the audience, to obtain customers’ loyalty, and increase their numbers thus boosting the company’s profits.

Another step toward the customer is voice search development. Today, most of the shopping is done via smartphones; about a quarter of those having gadgets use a voice search daily and the number of such search requests is increasing day in and day out.

Voice interaction with Internet services enjoys rapid development, and it has already become a trend.

Because of that, Elvira Gavrilova recommends her customers to reconsider the strategies of their search engine optimization (SEO): “The voice search requests are structured by our casual speech.

To keep up with the trend, one has to adapt SEO to the search, based on the natural-language requests. It, by all means, implies reconsidering your marketing strategy as a whole”.

One of the leading, if not the top, trends is video marketing. It creates a brand-new approach to advertising and communication.

The video content has record-breaking numbers of popularity growth, especially the consumption of mobile video content. 6 out of 10 users watch an online video rather than TV.

While the daily time of watching Facebook live streaming has quadrupled recently. By creating quality content, you draw the attention of your target audience to your brand. It is particularly hard-hitting on social media. 

Elvira Gavrilova with the Belgium baron Alexander Zanzer, the businessman, advisor on diplomatic issues, former honorary consul of Mongolia to Belgium, and his wife (the Monaco Yacht Show).

Social media have become an integral part of online marketing, and to promote brands over 60% of marketing experts actively exploit video content.

Elvira Gavrilova is one of such experts. “In our company’s production studio, for our customers, we create professional videos about their goods and services.

And this is far from being the only type of video content. Webinars to sell or test new products, master classes and manual videos, livestreaming from companies’ events – these are the tools I recommend to my customers.

Experience has proven that what is also impactful is the collaboration with opinion leaders – experts, celebrities, and bloggers, who establish a personal connection with their audience. This enables companies to simplify and strengthen their relationships with their customers.  

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube become increasingly popular thanks to the livestreaming option. This offers even larger opportunities for business as it makes it possible to conduct real-time video conferences and other forms of communication in the questions-answer format.

A chance to interact with the target audience right here and right now is one of the most potent ways of drawing attention. Meanwhile, “stories” are a great feature to reach the younger audience.

As an expert in personal branding, Elvira Gavrilova always recommends live streaming to her star customers. 

Moreover, today, Facebook and Instagram enable their users to shop directly on their platforms. The companies no longer need to connect their Internet-shops to their personal social media profiles.

The buyers find it convenient, too, as it reduces the number of steps they have to take, speeds up order placement, and decreases a chance of a purchase being rejected.

This new social media function affords tremendous business opportunities. Last year alone, over 70% of Instagram users bought products via this app.

“Today, social media is a simple and quick way to find new customers and simplify the shopping process. Our corporate customers, following my recommendations, have increased their budgets for social media advertising” says the business expert. 

Elvira Gavrilova at the meeting with Prince Michael of Yugoslavia, the financier, public figure, and philanthropist (Monaco).

Elvira Gavrilova: Making it personal or the AI triumph

“The brands are entering the era of personalized marketing, – says Elvira Gavrilova with certainty. – Marketing personalization will establish a strong connection between a company and its target audience.

And it’s not limited to just addressing by the name in mailing out. Here, the AI technologies step into the process to personalize everything – from content to design, including the algorithm of recommending products. 

Amid AI development, a tailored approach has become reality – it improves the accuracy of the consumer market research. Now, advertising may target not even a specific audience but a specific consumer which makes it extremely efficient.

The research carried out internationally revealed 80% of consumers are more likely to get interested in brands which use a tailor-made approach. Among its components, there is an interactive content:

  • chat-bots;
  • questionnaires and quizzes;
  • automated auctions;
  • AR and VR;
  • “smart” mailing-out and many others.

PHOTO 5, alt5: Elvira Gavrilova with the British businessman Glyn Hutchinson, the Sales Director of Icon Connet.

AI technologies make it possible to accumulate tremendous volumes of data about users, to learn their needs and interests, and evaluate their response to every advertising campaign.

These pieces of information are processed, systematized, to then become the basis of future marketing events. AI-based systems enable the companies to cut costs they spend on non-relevant, thus fruitless advertising, and to use their marketing budgets with ultimate efficiency.

“Today, the companies which fail to keep up with the marketing trends are doomed to fade down. It’s your choice to ignore the trends but it should come to you as no surprise that you are going to be beaten by the competitors who introduce the trends in their work.

The most advanced marketing tools are the only thing that is capable of enhancing the brand’s position. So, hurry up, look at the trends, and introduce them into your marketing strategy, advises the business expert Elvira Gavrilova.