Guide to handing off leads from marketing team to sales team

We cannot hand down everything on the shoulders of the sales team. When you feel that you are not making enough leads to make more revenue or are unable to turn the basic leads into gold, it may get frustrating. However, it would be best if you did not think that you are alone in this. The first thing that you should know is that the marketers need to take the first step and make a difference with the leads. You need to understand the difference between MQL vs SQL.

There are different types of leads that the sales funnel generates all the time; however, this is why the sales team’s productivity is decreasing. It would be best if you started with the marketing team to generate leads, and then these leads can be further handed down to the sales team.

Marketing qualified lead vs. sales qualified lead

Most of the time, it is not the perfect timing to hand down leads to the sales department. Therefore, you need to make some adjustments to find out the right timing and the right process to hand down the gold lead to generate more revenue.

Defining the goals of SQL and MQL

The first thing on the list is to define the definition of SQL and MQL. In this process, you also need to create a service level agreement with the goals and the relevant definitions. This document should contain all the necessary features and definitions, along with the goals that need to be effective or worked on.

Focus on the lead demographics scoring and sufficient data

When the MQL has transitioned to the SQL, the main aspect is to look forward to the lead demographics and the scoring to analyze and gain more insight into the customer lifecycle. This will provide better revenue and a better aspect of working on the data and quick follow-up and B2B trading.

Streamlining the process

The MQL and SQL can be used with various tools to determine how much the lead is interested and want to process further. The marketing and sales activities are highly impacted by the client and can enhance or decrease the interest of lead.

Discussion and adaptation

When you are finally handing off the leads from the marketing team to the sales team, you need to discuss and adapt accordingly. A regular meeting of the marketing team and the sales team has to be set to ensure that the work is done properly. And also, make sure the goal is being delivered as promised to the client or the customer.

While the marketing team is finally handing off the leads to the sales team, it has become much more important to understand the differences between MQL vs. SQL. This transition of leads and the opportunity for the customers and the teams make gold lead for the company. If executed properly, the company can turn the lead into the best revenue, and you can earn a lot of profit.