How Life Insurance Broker, Reassured, Used Spotify To Secure Online Coverage

Reassured is currently the UK’s largest life insurance broker, selling over 700,000 polices since forming in 2009. They were ranked 12th in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work For 2020.

Below Reassured explains their recent Funeral playlists marketing campaign.

The purpose of the campaign

The purpose of our SEO campaign was to acquire coverage on multiple high authority domains, diversifying and strengthening our backlink profile for improved organic ranking.

Domains not just in our insurance sector, but from outside our industry too.

The challenge

Reassured are an FCA registered broker, exclusively selling life insurance and funeral plans. So, the challenge was ‘how do we create intrigue, gain traction online, engage with users and secure coverage’ when selling such a dry product?

Whilst life insurance is vitally important, especially if you have dependants who reply on your financially, let’s face it, it is not the sexiest of products to market.

How to engage with an online audience to secure coverage

We decided the best way to generate intrigue was to come up with some unique insight which we could sell into journalists via a personalised press release.

We chose to explore the ‘songs’ aspect to funeral services as it is more accessible to a broader audience. This approach in itself was not wholly unique research, so we needed an interesting angle or ‘hook’ to make our campaign stand out on the world wide web.

Because we wanted to use Spotify’s API to source our data (it is easily available and reliable), we decided the perfect hook to make the campaign unique would be to come at it from the point of view of millennials. This target demographic lent itself perfectly to using this tool.

Using this tactic also widened the number and breath of website owners we could then outreach to cover our findings.

You can see our Spotify playlist here or alternatively see our dedicated campaign page

The methodology

We used the playlist miner tool to identify the most popular songs that appeared in playlists containing the terms “funeral”, “funeral songs” and “grief”.

For each playlist we identified the most common tracks, giving the 10 most popular tracks per keyword.

We used the Spotify API to acquire audio features for each of the tracks we discovered too.

Modal data was used for the average genre and key, whilst the mean was calculated for the energy scores, tempo and song duration.

Energy is a measure from 0.0 (lowest) to 1.0 (highest) and represents a measure of intensity and activity. Typically, energetic tracks feel fast, loud and noisy.

For the overall data, all the lists were combined and the track occurrences in playlists totalled.

Was the funeral playlist campaign a success?

Yes, we believe our campaign was a major success.


The campaign generated 50 new referring domains, including coverage on some very high authority domains, such as;

The reason why we regarded the campaign as a great success was because we were able to acquire coverage on different types of high authority domains, such as NME, Marie Curie and MSN. The types of domains we had not been able to secure coverage on in the past.

Whilst, these domains are not directly relevant to our core life insurance product, they are very credible and well-respected domains.

What’s more because they get such high traffic volume there was and still is the opportunity of gaining valuable referral traffic too.

Because lots of other site owners respect and acknowledge the articles on these well-known sites, the campaign is also much more likely to be picked up by other site owners.

Because we were monitoring our brand mentions using tools such as Google Alerts and Ahrefs, we were able to identify this secondary coverage and request a link to acknowledge us as being the author if one did not exist.

Aside from the business benefit of generating organic traffic and thus subsequent lead generation, there is also the significant benefit of increased brand awareness.

Reassured as a business currently do not participate in national TV advertising, like the big insurers such as SunLife, Legal & General, LV=, Beagle Street and British Seniors.

So, securing this coverage on domains like NME and MSN also helps in our wider marketing objective of communicating the key message that Reassured is the largest life insurance broker in the UK.

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