How To Create Landing Pages That Convert

Optimizing your landing pages is an important part of success in the digital world, yet countless entrepreneurs and struggling professionals can’t seem to master the process of crafting stellar pages that convert at a high rate.

Luckily, a number of tried-and-tested strategies exist to help expedite the process, and you’ll soon discover that creating landing pages that convert doesn’t have to be as expensive, frustrating, or time-consuming as some claim.

Here’s how to create landing pages that convert at a high rate, and what common mistakes you’ll want to be on the lookout for.

Here’s how to create landing pages that convert at a high rate, and what common mistakes you’ll want to be on the lookout for.

Understand that first impressions matter

It’s important to establish that the first impression you make when a user arrives on your landing page is the most important aspect of this entire affair. If users get the idea that your website or newsletter is sloppy, unprofessional, or boring from your landing page they’re unlikely to remain engaged and probe further into your site.

As a matter of fact, everything you do when it comes to crafting a landing page should be centered around the idea of luring in as many users as possible and keeping them hooked once you have their attention.

Before you leap headfirst into creating your first landing page, you’ll want to review the mistakes that have cost others so much over the years. Countless clicks are wasted every day, after all, so you should learn about the deadly landing page mistakes that can turn your digital operation into a dumpster fire if you’re not careful.

For instance, you may not want to shell out the extra few bucks for an incredibly fast website but having a clunky landing page that lags behind your competitors is a surefire way to lose potential users. Elsewhere, remember that you’ll need eye-catching language that pops off the page without coming across as too desperate or flashy.

The next thing you need to know is that without an enticing call to action you can never hope to convert clicks into sustained engagement.

Plenty of users are bombarded with pleas for their attention on a constant basis, which means you have to cut through the noise with a hard-hitting landing page that includes actionable steps users can take that will lead them further down the rabbit hole.

Never forget that you’re waging a war for the user’s attention, and that every move you make should be directed at the end of converting more from your landing page.

Study what works

Besides knowing what to avoid ahead of time, you should also be studying what works if you want to craft a superb landing page that converts. You should pour over some existing strategies that industry professionals already make use of, as plenty of the steps others have taken to success are replicable if you’re smart and ambitious enough to try.

Limiting the choices available to users like voluntary disclosure, for instance, and focusing your attention on turning what few choices remain into alluring options is a fantastic way to generate sustained engagement and convert temporary visitors into long-term users.

As necessary as it is to differentiate yourself from competitors, it’s also imperative to understand average statistics when it comes to landing pages so that you know where you stand in your industry.

Brushing up on what’s a good average conversation rate in 2019 is a great way to start, as you’ll need to be constantly relying on up-to-date information if you want the allure of your landing page to endure for long. Generating traffic in and of itself is fantastic, but to truly rise to the top of the marketplace you need to know the lay of the land well ahead of time.

For more inspiration, check out this post from Leadfeeder that discusses a range of proven lead generation strategies and tactics, including the importance of personalizing your landing page depending on the target audience.

Lead them by the hand

Finally, the most important principle of creating landing pages that convert is gently leading your users by the hand to where you want them to go.

Many landing page guides assert that working professionals should “include a strong call to action” on their landing pages without ever actually explaining what that means. You should focus much of your efforts on leading users on to the next step – perhaps it’s signing up for your newsletter, creating an account on your forum, or plugging in their information for future analytics operations.

Whatever your end goal is, be sure that it’s directly tied to your landing page in such a way that interested first-timers who foray onto your webpage end up directly where you need them to be.

You’ll need stellar web design in order to make this dream into a reality, of course, so don’t be afraid to rely on professional expertise when it comes to ensuring your landing pages and the rest of your site are in harmony with one another.

Creating landing pages that convert isn’t easy and can’t be rushed, but by following the right tips and knowing what to avoid you’ll be generating additional traffic and converting leads in no time.

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