Market Your CBD Oil Brand Online in 2 Easy Steps

Whether you’re marketing a UK CBD oil brand or trying to get a CBD brand launched in the United States, you’re going to run into the same problem when it’s time to get the word out about your company: None of the major online advertising networks differentiate between CBD and other cannabis products, and none of them will accept your ads. That fact leaves a lot of those new to the CBD business – even many serial entrepreneurs – scratching their heads. What can you do to drive traffic to your site if you can’t simply bid on the relevant keywords on Google and promote your posts to interested users on Facebook

When you can’t market an online business on traditional channels, getting your brand to the point at which you’ve made your first sale takes a significant amount of work. Getting consistent traffic and sales every day? That’s even harder. The reward, though, is that launching a business in a non-traditional industry often comes with the potential of incredible profits – so let’s roll up our sleeves and get started. These two simple marketing tips will help you get your CBD oil brand from zero to profitability.

Adopt a Content-First Mindset for Your Website

Since you can’t market your CBD oil business by simply paying Google for ad clicks, you’ll have to do everything you can to get your website to appear in Google’s organic search results. SEO will be your primary marketing technique, and SEO begins with great content. 

Analyze your website with a critical eye. As you do so, consider these three things:

  • Google’s job is to provide answers to text queries. For your website to appear as a result for a query, you’ll need a page with text satisfying that query. How much original text does your website have?
  • Does your website have informational content – articles that answer questions and solve problems – or do you have no content apart from what’s on your product pages? The competition for commercial keywords among CBD oil companies is intense; your product pages aren’t going to rank on Google off the bat. Start a blog and begin sharing your expertise through articles on non-commercial topics. It’s much easier to rank on Google for searches without direct purchase intent, and even a non-commercial article is an opportunity to explain to website visitors why your CBD oil is better than the rest.
  • Is every page on your website written with a main keyword phrase in mind? Does each page satisfy the intent of its core keyword phrase more fully than the pages that Google currently displays for that keyword phrase? 

If you’re honest in your analysis, you’ll likely find that your website’s content has some shortcomings. Look at what your competitors are doing and remember that your content can’t just be as useful as the content on your competitors’ sites; it needs to be even better.

Find New Methods of Outreach and Relationship Building

Running any e-commerce website successfully requires a combination of inbound and outbound marketing. Posting informative and helpful content on your website is a form of inbound marketing; people come to you because Google tells them that your content is likely to answer their questions. Some of those people may become your customers immediately, and others may become buyers later when their level of trust in your brand increases. Outbound marketing, on the other hand, involves pushing your message out to people who aren’t necessarily looking for your products yet. 

The most common form of outbound marketing is paid advertising on networks such as Facebook and Google AdWords. Those options aren’t available to a CBD oil brand, though, so you need to be creative about outreach and relationship building. Begin your outbound marketing campaign with these 3 ideas.

  • Contact the owners of CBD-related websites that aren’t selling products directly. CBD forums, CBD review blogs and cannabis news websites all present possible opportunities for relationship building and promotion. Just as you can’t advertise on AdWords to get the word out about your brand, those websites likewise can’t earn money by displaying AdSense ads. They earn revenue by partnering with CBD brands like yours.
  • Become an active contributor on discussion groups relating to CBD. You’ll find CBD discussions on websites like Quora, Facebook and Reddit. Users on those websites don’t take kindly to spam, so don’t think of your participation as a way to advertise your brand. Rather, think of it as a way to build authority and trust by contributing value to the community. 
  • Search social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram to find CBD influencers with large communities of engaged followers. Like owners of CBD websites, CBD personalities on social media earn their income partnering with brands. Content like brand reviews on YouTube or posed pictures on Instagram usually appear because companies like yours have sponsored that content. Partnering with a social media influencer is a great way to generate brand awareness and expose your company to thousands of people. Before paying someone on social media to market your CBD oil, though, make sure that person has an active base of real human followers; some people do pay for fake Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers. If real people aren’t actively engaging with an influencer’s content, you’ll gain nothing by paying that influencer to promote your brand. 

Relationship building and outreach can benefit your CBD oil brand in two ways. The first benefit is that the people who see your forum posts or sponsored content may click through and visit your website – so the content may generate direct traffic. The second benefit is that, by making sponsorship deals with other websites, you’ll gain new inbound links pointing to your website. Google uses many factors to determine the search rankings that websites receive, and one of the most important factors is the quality and quantity of inbound links pointing to websites. Acquiring inbound links from other sites in the CBD industry is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your website will appear prominently on Google for a wide variety of CBD-related searches.

Adam is a content marketer, gym rat, husband, father and entrepreneur.

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