Marketing a Plastic Surgery Practice: Tips for Success

The world of digital marketing has changed the way business is done in a variety of ways. Marketing teams used to be restricted to traditional techniques but now a combination of both is required to yield maximum results. Digital marketing for a plastic surgery practice can be very competitive depending on your location or the procedures a surgeon specializes in. The importance of a surgeon providing the information that they are board-certified is essential. There are unlicensed and unqualified people that practice that could end up hurting or causing permanent damage to a person. The following are tips for marketing a plastic surgery practice in an efficient manner.

Referral Marketing

Word of mouth can be extremely important when it comes to bringing in new business. Happy clients can act as the best marketers you have simply by setting up a referral marketing program. This could include discounts on future procedures or even priority when it comes to setting appointments. A small group of friends can allow a plastic surgeon to stay quite busy as there are so many procedures that can be done. The work will speak for itself as a great tummy tuck or breast augmentation surgery is sure to turn heads.

Educate Potential and Current Patients with Content

People could be afraid to undergo a procedure although they badly want to have it done. This can prevent people from scheduling consultations so education is imperative. Even current patients might be worried about a specific procedure that they have not had done before. Education also means to be honest as some surgeries will take far longer than others to recover from. Content that is hosted on the blog can dispel misconceptions and provide clarity if a patient is unsure of something. Recovery tips being included can be helpful as it will help a patient prepare for their recovery.

Search Engine Rankings Matter

Search engines are a huge part of life in today’s world with people flocking to them with questions of all types. Content that ranks at the top of search engines can prove as a resource and allow the practice’s website to increase in organic traffic. Link building in a local area is going to be imperative on relevant sites to rank at the top for certain keywords or phrases. Contributing to local and national publications can allow a doctor to be seen as an expert on a particular topic.

The Website Should Have Results Shown

The website needs to have pictures of before and after shots of patients that underwent common procedures. There are easy ways to maintain the privacy of a patient while doing this. People want to see what they can expect in terms of the results and what a doctor has done in the past. Protecting certain parts of the website with a notice about mature content can allow patients that do not want to see the pictures to opt out.

Marketing for a plastic surgery practice can be very complex and time consuming. Take the time to assess how your practice is doing in terms of their digital marketing. 

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