Marketing For Your Mobile App Startup

Have you recently developed an app? Are you searching for ways to expand its popularity? Every year, thousands of mobile apps are developed, but very few accomplish the achievement of being in the top 10 in app stores. You’re probably wondering what sets those apart in today’s competition? First, let’s answer some quick questions.

Why is App Marketing Important?

It is no wonder why the mobile app development market has become a bit saturated. The incredible growth has made it nearly impossible to develop an app that will be unique and original. However, a well-constructed mobile app promotional plan can help you tackle this challenge and attract more users.

By utilizing a foolproof mobile app promo strategy from the early stages of app development helps your startup’s vision remain steady. App marketing shouldn’t be a ‘thought for a later date’. That’s why you should actively look for professionals with proven experience in the field to provide you with concise data and a profitable strategy.

Competition & User Analysis

What sets apart your app and idea from the rest? You should ask this question first before you jump into further analysis. Is it your looks? If so you need a professional business logo design. Is it your one of a kind idea? Ask yourself these questions then try to adapt them to your potential market. 

Gathering demographic data on users helps you to visualize exactly who you’re trying to acquire. From teens to digital nomads, every audience has different needs and spending patterns. You’ll need to address these variables in your marketing channels to gain users.

Competition research shows you how users interact with apps like yours and their expected patterns of behavior. Looking at other apps lets you take a stand and position yourself against their selling points.

Market Your App Early

App marketing is a grind, so start early. Preferably at the development stage. Awareness builds slowly and peaks at the launch date, so choose your channels and stay consistent to create interest:

  •  Reach out to your friends & family, customers & peer groups
  •  Search for potential users as soon as possible and include them in your marketing
  •  Ask for feedback from your inner circle, who will at a later date become your best supporters

Create a Website for Your App

A website is your hotspot of the pre-launch marketing strategy.

Expanding your web presence by hosting content and showcasing your app to potential users can be achieved in a few ways:

  • Publish expert blogs to provide value for visitors
  • Run interactive marketing campaigns in the form of giveaways, mini contests, and quizzes
  • Push for email signups to enable marketing automation
  • Create dedicated landing pages for each new marketing initiative 

Multiple website builders are free and easy to use and enable you to pop out a website in less than an hour.

Social Media Buzz

Social media is a place to go when trying to create hype and developing a strong community. For example, Quora and Reddit can also be used to gather feedback from highly interactive niches to promote your app by word of mouth. Here are some of the most effective practices for social media marketing:

  • Post Regularly
  • Utilize proper hashtags
  • Feature reviews
  • Create engagement with contests and giveaways
  • Interact with similar pages to create a discussion with their audience

Optimize Your App Store Listing

This is the critical and final stage of your strategy before the app launch. After all, this is the place where people decide whether to install or not. To get the highest amount of downloads you’ll need to optimize several things to your app listing:

  • The app name properly describes your app function
  • The app description speaks your story
  • App visuals are on point to incentivize the downloads
  • Keyword optimization targets language users that will look for an app like yours.

Don’t Over Promise

Marketing fundamentals are not to oversell. The most effective strategy for marketing anything is by word of mouth. This means that you cannot falsely advertise or overpromise. You need to make sure your messaging remains steady or it will result in frustrated customers and huge uninstall rates.