Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your First Landing Page

In this article, we are cutting right to the chase and serving up a step-by-step guide to creating a killer landing page that will engage and convert. Let’s jump right in.

Just like this intro, your landing page should be short, sweet and offer your potential customers something they need. 

Step #1: Have a Clear Goal 

Understanding why you are creating a landing page is always the first step. If you don’t have a clear goal in mind, you can confuse your reader – or worse – push them away. Take time to research and understand your audience and be clear about your goal. 

A great landing page will quickly identify the USP and have a great call-to-action. 

If you really want to reach your audience, create different pages that target different parts of your demographic and test them out on social media. 

Step #2: Landing Page Builder

You can have everything set up perfectly, but if you don’t have a good platform it’s pretty pointless. Choosing a landing page builder can help you create and promote your landing page easily and successfully. Here are a few things a great landing page builder should provide:

  • Security- you want your reader to feel safe and secure so choose a builder that has a SSL certificate
  • 100% responsive – over 90% of your visitors are on a smart device, so make sure your landing page looks great everywhere
  • Templates – offers a variety of templates in your niche that you can customize easily 
  • SEO – should have simple ways to optimize your page so you rank well on SERPs 
  • Domain and free hosting – connect and use a trusted host like Google clou

Step #3: Compelling Copy

Your content should always be compelling. Don’t tell them – show them with descriptive language, memorable images and video content that illustrates your story and brand vision. 

Consider your customer journey. The visit, engagement, food for thought and then the final commitment. Yes, it is that romantic. 

Follow this guideline so your content stays on point :

  • Headline – this should grab attention 
  • Body – keep it simple and to the point, it should also be informative 
  • Call-to-Action – make sure it’s actionable and offers more than 1 word (see a great example below)

Example: Unbounce – Chat with an Agency Specialist. 

Why this works: It follows a clear UVP, tells the reader exactly what they can obtain and then the CTA tells them how to do that. 

Step #4: Add Images and Media

These days, a picture is worth a thousand words. A bland image could cost you many customers, so curate your images and media well. 

Each image you pick should represent your brand and connect to your target audience. For example, if you are creating a landing page to show off your new urban shoe line, have professional product photos taken so your items stand out and sell. 

Content isn’t going anywhere, but it is transforming. Make sure your piece is balanced and eye-catching. 

Step #5: Test Everything 

Now that you have carefully put together a great landing page with our step-by-step guide, make sure you test everything. Google Analytics and A/B testing will help you identify your target audience better and tailor your landing pages to specific groups. 

Ideally, you should try and  create unique landing pages for any visitor subgroup. For example, if your landing page is offering an e-book for marketers, create 2-3 different landing pages; one that focuses on providing information for the beginner and another for people with industry knowledge. By testing, you can see if your audience is predominantly new to marketing and create content accordingly. 

Take Away 

Although landing pages should be short and sweet, the process to get one that converts can be cumbersome. These tips should give you a great head start and help you focus on the goal. A great landing page builder does a significant portion of the work for you, so researching and choosing one that will support and help you is imperative. With this guide, we are sure your landing pages will convert!

Adam Torkildson
Adam is a content marketer, gym rat, husband, father and entrepreneur.

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