The Lowdown on Video Marketing for Small Business Owners

As small business owners and managers, we know marketing is vital to grow our ventures. In particular, digital marketing has more of a place than ever before. However, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly which strategies to use and how to go about them.

If you’re looking for a fresh idea to try in 2021, consider video marketing. This is an essential tool that can help businesses in all industries. Here’s the lowdown on the benefits of this marketing option and how you can best use it.

Reasons to Use Video Marketing

There are many reasons to start using video in your organization. For example, videos are great at helping you build brand awareness and customer engagement. They make it easy to show a personable and interesting side of your venture and team, not to mention your products or services.

Plus, video is one of the best ways to generate attention, as it accounts for such a large proportion of mobile web traffic. Many people prefer to watch a video than to read text, so they’ll spend more time taking in messages from a moving image than from words written on a screen. With everyone so busy and time-poor, video is handy because you can communicate the same message in less time.

Another benefit of video marketing is it helps you boost your company’s search engine rankings. Google and other search engines place more and more importance on video in their algorithms. Incorporating video into your marketing will help you rank higher for important words and phrases for your business. It pays, though, to utilize SEO services to help you determine the best topics and keywords to focus on and how to go about this with your videos.

Video is also a handy tool because it makes it easier to build relationships with your audience and boost the level of trust consumers have with your brand. You can show all the benefits of your products or services via video content and entertain and inform people. In turn, this makes people more comfortable buying from you, especially online.

Tips for Using Video Marketing in Your Business

To get the best results from your video marketing campaigns, you must be strategic. For starters, the quality of your productions must be high. Only use smartphones, tablets, or cameras that will provide high-resolution pictures and clear sounds, or hire the services of firms that can create corporate videos for you.

Plan out your videos in detail before you begin so that you’re not totally “winging it,” and you know the message you’re trying to impart. Set goals for every production and plan your content around what you want to achieve for each piece.

Keep your videos short, as consumer attention spans don’t endure long messages these days. If you have a lengthier spiel to get through, break it up into a variety of shorter videos, instead. Try to keep most videos at 30 seconds or less. Plus, add some personality to your products, and include messages from yourself, your team, or even customers, suppliers, or other relevant third parties. Also, try to add humor or otherwise engage people’s emotions in some way. This is the best way to have more impact.

Take time editing each video carefully and watch each production numerous times before releasing it to pick up on any potential issues and ensure you’ve included all the pertinent details you need to. Each video should have some kind of call to action in it so that you get more leverage.

For example, encourage viewers to go to your website for more information or sign up for your newsletter, call you for a quote, follow you on social media, or come into store, etc. It also pays to add mention of a special offer to your videos. You might talk about a gift with purchase, a discount for those who place an order within a set period, or free shipping for your viewers, for instance.

Your videos should make it clear what your business name is and what you sell. Include contact details such as your web address, phone number, email address, social media pages, and so on. This way, all viewers, including those who come across the video on social media or through a referral from a friend, will know who produced the content and how to find out more. 

Video marketing is an area that continues to grow and isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. The quicker you can start using this technique for your business, the better.