Top 10 Sales Outsourcing Companies in 2020

Sales outsourcing has a proven ability to deliver numerous benefits to companies all around the world. It helps the companies to take hold of untapped opportunities. 

From sales point of view, outsourcing sales can assist you in aiming for new or underserved markets and also support new products and service rollouts. From an operational view, a sales outsourcing company will assist you in overtaking any technology constraints and successfully emerge out of silos within your organization. To greatly implement the best practices of omnichannel and data analytics.

What Outsourcing Sales Can Do For Your Company

The talented sales agent can breakthrough the wavering noises and give the right answers to the client’s questions, and also assist and guide the buyer’s journey.

It’s no news that most sales organizations strive to improve lead generation, enhance conversion rates of qualified leads and reduce protracted sales cycles.

The right outsourcing team can help improve and increase your company’s operational and business results.

5 major things a sales outsourcing company can do for your business – 

1. Target new markets

Small businesses, mid-market, and even enterprise companies are most times expanded when it comes to having sufficient salespeople to take over different territories and industries.

An outsourcing sales agency can help pay attention to creating unique vertical or geographic markets. In the meantime, companies can make use of an outsourced sales team to try out new methods for sales and product positioning. With that, the results can be analyzed and perfectly tailored before being launched to a bigger base of clients and prospects.

2. Overcome Technology Constraints

Technology is advancing daily. But to be at the top of your game you need the right tools and also know how you can get the most value out of them. And to achieve that you need the assistance of sales professionals who are experienced at cutting edge sales and analytics tools. It will enable your company to save more time to do great things.

Data analytics on its own can offer salespeople lots of insights. Integrating data analytics and artificial intelligence will help sales leaders analyze lots of data points. It will bring in more prospects.

3. Can support service rollouts

One of the benefits of outsourcing sales is to influence the outsourcing company as a sandbox to try out new campaigns and promotions.

For instance, when a technology company partnered with us to call clients and prospects about the trial of a new product. The company then analyzes the results and feedback obtained from the trial to determine either to launch the product into the market or make certain changes. 

Sometimes, they help to analyze how a product is being accepted in the market. It will determine an efficient price point and the sales cycle of the product 

4. Can improve omnichannel customer engagement

Most organizations that tap into the knowledge of sales reps with viable performance in digital channels like, web, chat and social will enhance their omnichannel results.

Lots of sales leaders are just getting to acknowledge the engagement opportunities that messaging and chat can do with clients and prospects. Companies that rely on outsourced partners with viable digital engagement skills among their sales reps can accomplish powerful results in enhancing unit volume and Net Promoter Score (NPS) by associating with clients who prefer to use the chat. 

5. Help In promoting greater performance

An outsourced sales organization can motivate internal teams to increase their operations. Having an outsourced sales partner to work with an internal team provides an external standard for a splendid performance. It will help in boosting the level of performance across the board. They offer new suggestions, ideas, perspectives and great plans that will improve the company.

Top 10 Outsourcing Companies in 2020

Below are the best 10 Outsourcing Companies you can hire – 

1. Surge Street 

Surge street operates as a trusted sales partner for companies in all stages and of all sizes. They help you with customer prospecting to the appointment setting. With their viable methods, they can help expand businesses by getting the right audience. They work with stable businesses and assist them in filling the sales pipeline always. 
Surge Street is the most preferred partner for database enrichment.

Location: Gurugram  

Major Clients: SVIA, WORKLY, SODEXO, KredX, tALKINGtREE, Americas Best Value Inn,, Drexls.

2. Cience

CIENCE is People-as-a-Service (PaaS). Their team members are competent, well-trained, positive forces of business change for our customer’s companies.

Their culture empowers their team to find solutions to problems quickly and drive good results for their clients. They work with the best brands, enterprise companies, and startups across the world. They also conduct  tests and experiment with their clients to find the best formula that produces for their sales. Cience always enhances and refine our approach to bring qualified appointments to your organization, consistently.

Location: USA, Brazil, Mexico, Manila, Kyiv

Major Clients: SendBird, Octance AI, Segn, Scalefast.

3. EBQ Start 

EBQ offers outsourced sales and marketing services for B2B SaaS and other tech companies. They have team members devoted to every step of the sales cycle that can be sourced to fill gaps or boost the velocity of your sales efforts. 

They develop and refine a reliable database with targeted and right prospect information. They nurture prospects through marketing collateral, social media, email marketing, and trade shows. They provide a quota-driven sales team to quickly improve the growth of your sales pipeline and close deals.

EBQ Start also put your customers through the process of learning and implementing your product

Location: Austin, Texas

Major Clients: OKI’s, eMD’s, Big Commerce

4. Martal Group 

Martal Group is a top lead generation & sales agency servicing B2B tech companies. They  are a turnkey solution sales partner creating qualified leads, offering support staff and sales streamlining services, right through to signed contracts.

Their team members specialize in developing leads for SaaS, IT services and IOT vendors that successfully cater enterprise software, location-based services, search relevance, data annotation, video analytics, consumer insights, sales performance management, cloud backup, fleet management, AI-powered applications, and other products. 

Location: US, Latin America, Canada, Israel.

Major Clients: Fullscreen, Clickworker, Spinbackup, Voiceups, Umbo, Vidmind, Favendo, Weezmo, Smartbrain.oi, Kipod, Certainty Software, Jedox, Semasio, Secufy, Zurich, Incentives Solutions, Intech, Quaenet.

5. SalesRoads

They understand the headache and frustrations that come with getting your team members to develop new B2B opportunities. Ranging from bad data to managing your reps. Either you need to relieve yourself of the headache or stress, save and maximize your time or fasten your growth process.  SalesRoads provides a full suite of SDR outsourcing services that will help you achieve that.

Location: Coral Springs, FL.

Major Clients: WGW, Kuebix, Parker Hannifin  

6. Callbox

Callbox is the premier B2B lead generation services company trusted by SMEs and enterprise businesses in the US, Canada, APAC and also around the world. They help companies across sectors like IT and Software, Consultancy, Healthcare, Finance, and Advertising find high-quality leads and appointments with the greatest chance of becoming profitable clients.

They are backed up by quality data, professional team and a great marketing tech stack. They set your company up for greater and lasting success with account-based marketing, lead generation, and appointment setting. Callbox is ranked as one of the Best Sales Lead Generation Services by Comparakeet and also one of the best B2B Lead Generation Services according to

Location: 4924 Balboa Blvd. #353, Encino CA 91316 USA

Major Clients: BIII Solutions, BradySage.

7.  Outbound View

They help organizations and companies design, create, and implement successful outbound sales strategies. They believe that the most fruitful, effective and successful sales organizations have the right knowledge, in accurate positions, and a culture that emphasizes the correct skills and behaviors.

All closed deals begin with the identification of opportunities, they help organizations discover more opportunities. They help B2B companies create a predictable sales pipeline with our Scale, Launch, and EventPro programs. 

Major Clients: Beehive, Econic, GP Strategies, mySidewalk, Provider Trust.

Location: Nashville, TN, USA

8. Leadium

Leadium has experienced, competent and professional team that aligns with your revenue goals to source specific lead data and scale sales pipelines, powered by powerful outbound strategies, they work together in harmony to drive your growth.

Hundreds of companies have trusted and relied on Leadium to improve their database and scale their sales.

Leadium has worked in 65+ industries and scheduled appointments in 25+ countries.

They generate high-quality contact lists that perfectly suits your ideal customer profile.

Their services include Data Cleansing, keep account data, up-to-date with precise and accurate database enrichment, Outbound Automation, Predictable pipeline delivered by specialized SDRs & a personalized, sales automation program.

Location: 6543 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas NV 89119

Major Clients: xpenditure, Sodexo, Humanity, Mitek

9. Leadroot

Leadroot was birthed forth out of the frustration of discovering updated B2B sales data. Our process is designed to be hands-off yet crystal clear. By integrating best sales practices with our private technology they’re able to deliver a consistent work output (leads and meetings set) that can combine successfully with any CRM system. They pay attention to two things which are, discovering leads and helping set meetings.

Major Clients: FatCat, Woodpecker

Location: New York 

10. SalesPro Leads

SalesPro Leads is a B2B lead generation firm aimed at serving the technology industry. With a combined 100 years of B2B Appointment Setting experience, their associates and team are dedicated to offering high-quality customer service and top-notch results.

They take great pride in making an important contribution to your success.

At SalesPro Leads, their B2B Appointment Setting services develop quality technology sales leads that will enable your team to triumph and attain their true potential. They aim to generate highly qualified leads for our customers with quality B2B appointment setting services that convert.

They have a great talent for discovering quality sales opportunities that will improve the growth of our client’s business through our viable process.  

Location: Reno, NV

Major Clients: VMWare, Clear2There, Toshiba, Samsung, Cisco, VIDYO, Olantronics, Vennt, Polycom, Benbria.

What Are The Major Services A Sales Outsourcing Company Should Provide?

Let’s quickly have a breakdown of what you should expect from a sales outsourcing company

  1. Lead generation:  Lead generation is a vital service in outsourcing because it allows your business and your businesses’ website to develop great traffic which will, in turn, lead to more sales and high conversion rates.  It will also help you in finding accurate clients that suit your business and also contribute positively to ROI.

  2. Inbound Marketing: Inbound marketing helps in reducing the complexity of sales and marketing jobs. Increase visibility and brand awareness, and also develop high-quality traffic and leads online.

  3. Growth Strategy: Growth strategy is important for any business of any size. It enhances your sales and leverage skills to increase growth, create a dependable talent pipeline, and also increase the company’s productivity and efficiency.

  4. Paid Client Acquisition: It increases revenues to enhance the long-term financial outlook. Which will reduce the stress of raising funds or capital for other growth strategies. It will enable you to make extra money to meet certain costs, pay staff, and also reinvest.

Bottom Line 

Whatever the size or the age of your business it is essential that you hire the services of an outsourcing company. To relieve yourself of some unnecessary headache, stress, and frustration that comes from work. And also, if you want your company to thrive and stand tall in the competitive business world. You need to brace up and hire the services of an outsourcing company now don’t postpone it.