Understanding the Things To Do While Integrating Memes Into Your Brand’s Marketing Stratagem

Memes play a significant role in our digital lives. Every time you log into your social media accounts, you come across a host of funny memes. They keep you entertained, and they help in bringing the much-needed laughter back into your lives despite trying times. It is interesting to note that memes are today, going way beyond the traditional ‘having a laugh and moving on’ phenomenon. We have witnessed how in the past few years, memes have been gaining traction by the day. The concept of integrating memes into your brand’s promotion and marketing stratagem has increasingly become popular. Businesses are trying their best to effectively tap into the potential of memes after seeing their phenomenal popularity. Memes could be instrumental in reaching much broader audiences and engaging with them actively.

Why Memes Work 

Images are fruitful on the grounds that they’re “transporters of culture.” 

Images appear to gather our thoughts, feelings, and activities in a basic and adaptable structure, making them ideal for the Internet age. 

A few focuses make images incredible for brands: 

They are a simple method to gain by shared information. 

They are extraordinary for refining your image and sharing it via web-based media with a legitimate voice. 

They make it simpler to grandstand complex ideas like your image character and friends culture. 

As per research, they lead to higher commitment from your crowd. 

They increment the possibility that individuals will recall your image when they see the image somewhere else. 

While a few organizations have figured out how to utilize images to infuse new energy in their brands, not all who have wandered in an area have returned triumphant.

On the whole, What is a Meme? 

An image is officially characterized as “a unit for conveying social thoughts, images, or practices, that can be communicated starting with one brain then onto the next through composition, discourse, signals, customs, or other imitable wonders with an imitated subject” (indeed, we’re citing Wikipedia, this isn’t actually a Stanford Medical paper). The term was anyway instituted all the more believably by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene, to depict the spreading of social data. 

In this advanced age, images have come to mean something as a rule unique — nearly. Amusing pictures, video, text, or GIFs conveyed via online media, quite often as a subsidiary of other media. Throughout the span of its life, a fruitful image will have changed many occasions to conceivably typify new importance out and out. In any case, an image will consistently keep up some characterizing quality, some example or design that makes it recognizable.

Benefits of Leveraging Memes for Boosting Brand Marketing

· The chief intention of using memes for boosting your digital marketing campaigns is to instantly grab audience attention. As memes are funny and catchy, they can grab attention easily. 

· If a meme is wisely created, the brand will surely be appreciated by customers for being so innovative and creative in their approach.

· As the target audience is youth, as far as, memes are concerned; brands catering to this market could leverage the power of memes.

· Memes are an effective form of prompt and quick connection or communication. They do not require holding the attention of viewers for an extended time for delivering their inherent message. Brands can successfully make things work even within the very brief attention span of their target audience by promptly delivering their unique marketing messages via memes. You may choose your brand’s relevant memes by browsing through Meme Scout which offers an extensive collection of trending memes. 

The Right Things to Do 

Keep It Simple & Short 

If you wish to convey your message clearly, it is best to keep things nice and brief without impacting adversely, the quality because the attention span of the online audience is becoming shorter by the day. If you keep things short and sweet, your audience will be able to grasp the main message behind your meme.

Focus on Staying Casual If Possible

As per the Search Engine Journal, unless it is a formal-type industry like finance and law, you are most probably, communicating to somebody who is browsing on the couch at the end of the day after work or someone present at any coffee shop and waiting for his order to be processed. Focus on getting into their mindset for communicating with them and not communicating with them.

Keep Monitoring the Audience Reaction

You should constantly keep track of the audience’s reaction and response to your memes. Once you realize that a specific meme is fast gaining traction and getting positive responses, create memes similar to that special meme. Suppose you get a negative reaction, act promptly. Share different types of memes following a different theme so that you can divert audience attention toward the newly shared memes. 


Memes are very much in vogue, and there is no chance that they would go out of fashion shortly. Hence, it is a wise move to use them in the marketing stratagem of your brand.