What are the Best Ways for Realtors to do Online Marketing?

Decades ago, the best way to get real estate leads was through referrals. The game was a simple one with a single rule- Tell a client, family or friend to introduce you to a friend. As such, the bulk of real estate clients were gotten through referrals.

Years down the line, the game gradually morphed. Following the inception of the internet, the real estate world has been transformed into a digital one so now the main goal for realtors is to find online real estate leads with the highest conversion rate.

Buyers have increasingly become more willing to engage in personal research to find suitable realtors before they begin searching for a house. In fact, the National Association of Realtors showed that 92% of all buyers surf through the internet before beginning their house hunting quest. D

efinitely, this drives home the need for realtors to look beyond referrals as their main strategy of reaching real estate leads, and should consequently establish an online presence in a bid to stand out.

Use of Social Media Ads as a Form of Online Marketing

About 1.62 billion people on the average log onto Facebook daily and are considered active users, with about 2.45 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of September 2019.

When compared to 2.38 billion MAU in the first quarter of 2019, an 8-percent increase was recorded. Google receives about 63,000 searches per second, with an average person making between 3-4 Google searches in a day.

Translation? Social media and search engines are goldmines! Especially for realtors. The National Association of realtors admits that 47% of real estate business acknowledges that social media ads result in the highest quality leads when compared to other sources.

Whether you are a beginner in the real estate world, or you are a top player in the game, social media is one of the main tools when it comes to marketing.

However, social media ads drive home the need for a good landing page.

How do you Create a Good Landing Page?

First off, your landing page must be a creative one, but yet, very user-friendly. You should endeavor to make your audience feel at home. Chip in YouTube Videos and Slide share decks here and there.

You can go a step further by creating a feeling of a strong community on your landing page. Since most social media freaks are drawn towards virtual communities, this should be a good idea.

All these are great ideas on how to make your landing page a little more attractive. However, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of experts in the whole process.

Really, it doesn’t matter how many potential customers are directed to your page, the real deal is how many serious leads are generated from your landing page. Getting professional aid is a fantastic means of moving inches closer towards the actualization of this goal.

What Should You Know About Online Marketplaces?

When potential buyers come across real estate agents, whether consciously or reflexively, they look out for three things:

  • Experience: “How many clients has he/she dealt with and how competent is he/she?”
  • Trust: “Is he/she worthy of my trust; am I convinced enough to have confidence in him/her?”
  • The right chemistry: “How well would we get along?”

As a realtor, it is up to you to prove deserving of potential buyers in these areas. But really, it isn’t that easy!

How about a situation in which you had a chance to prove yourself right before these questions even crossed their minds?

What if you could talk about yourself, offer some professional and personal FAQs and had the opportunity of making personal videos of yourself to demonstrate your credibility? What if you could import your reviews so potential customers could ascertain your efficiency?

Wowa, the best real estate marketplace in Canada, has tried to capture all these necessities; while targeting all important aspects important to possible clients and increasing your chances of gaining a potential buyer.


The real estate world is moving; and it’s doing so really fast. It is up to you to equip yourself with the right tools and information, so you would be able to persist even in the face of rapid continual fluctuations.