Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Key To Success For Online Gaming

In the age of digital marketing, there are lots of options available when it comes down to getting an online casino visible in front of customers.

SEO can be used to make the site appear higher in search engine results, e-mail marketing can be utilized to build trust and attract new customers, while social media can be great for helping campaigns to go viral, gaining more traffic and reaching new customers.

Loyalty programs can provide bonuses and benefits for devoted customers which can help retain them, too. But, one of the essential parts of any online casino digital marketing strategy is a strong affiliate scheme.

This can both drive traffic and improve brand visibility dramatically. It is one of the most useful aspects of marketing an online casino.

How do I become an affiliate marketer?

There are hundreds of reasons to try out affiliate marketing to see if it could work for you.

Before you become an affiliate for a casino at random, do your research as some casinos are better than others and can provide multiple opportunities. Look at existing reviews and make the right choice from there.

You don’t just have to be an affiliate with one casino site. You can have several accounts for a more significant stream of income.

Here’s the typical process you’d follow for becoming an affiliate:

  1. Choose an online affiliate program suited to you and register with them for free.
  2. Use your ID number or username to access images or promo banners.
  3. Add your ID as a parameter to the link URL which points to the casino site.
  4. When users visit the casino site from your blog or webpage, the casino identifies this.
  5. You are credited for all purchases made through your site based on the agreed rate with the merchant.

Everything you need to know about affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing attracts new customers, helps to retain current customers and amplifies the reach of online casinos.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing method that offers customers recommended products and services which they can access through adverts or links placed on websites and blogs.

A company (merchant) selling products and services, will offer an affiliate program to potential affiliates.

The affiliate is the person responsible for creating content that is intended to drive customers to them. Once the customer makes a transaction with the site, be that playing a game or placing a bet, the affiliate will benefit by receiving a cut of the profits made.

How does affiliate marketing work?

An affiliate creates content, such as a blog or news article, which reviews a product then recommends it to customers. Within the post, a link or banner ad is placed.

If a customer clicks on this, the action is recorded. If the customer makes a purchase as a result, the affiliate earns a percentage of commission.

Merchants use the ID or username within an affiliate link to keep an eye on the traffic or sales that occur as a result and compensate the affiliate appropriately.

In order for affiliate marketing to be a success, you need to work with a number of successful partners.

Take a look at 888 Casino for an example of a casino with an increasingly successful affiliate program. They work with a variety of different partners which helps them to gain traffic from new audiences.

The partners they work help to advertise the site and convert new customers with banners and other types of advertisement.

Once visitors access the excellent 888 Casino site, they can play live poker games, blackjack, and slots. Plus, they can read engaging blogs to gain top tips, like this when to split in blackjack guide. After a transaction takes place the affiliate earns money from the action.

Why do online casinos use affiliate marketing?

There are a couple of reasons this type of marketing works so well for online casinos. We’ll go through some of the main reasons below:

  • Cost-effective. Because ads and links are placed on affiliate sites, the merchant knows that the audience remains relevant to their brand.

    Therefore, there’s a higher chance of getting more visitors to their website rather than other more generic methods of advertising. The merchant only pays the affiliate if they’re generating results.
  • Data-driven. Unlike other forms of advertising like TV ads which are very expensive and cannot be monitored in terms of success, affiliate marketing is the exact opposite.

    All traffic can be observed, such as the number of times an ad has been clicked. This is useful in determining if the ad is a success.
  • Customer insights. Things like customer age, gender, location, hobbies, and interests can be determined, making this type of marketing useful for market research.

Why you should become an affiliate with your favorite online casino today?

There are many forms of digital marketing used by online casinos. However, affiliate marketing is vital for achieving results so the pay-out is often big making it a lucrative opportunity for many websites and blogs.

As an added bonus, it also has several advantages over other forms of marketing.

Every time a banner or advertisement is clicked by a customer, and that customer converts by placing a bet or making a transaction, the merchant will pay commission to the affiliate, which is usually a percentage of the product value, leading to huge profits quickly.


As you can see, there’s the potential to make a lot of money from this type of marketing. But the benefits continue for the merchant as well. Affiliate marketing generates a fair amount of data which allows the tracking of campaigns.

Other forms of marketing, such as TV ads, cannot offer this and are more expensive. Data gathered using this process can also be used by merchants to help casinos better understand their customer base.

We think that becoming an affiliate with your favorite online casino is hugely worthwhile and is a good way of earning extra cash. A word of warning, though, make sure you do your research.

Some online casinos have more effective affiliate programs than others, with more potential to make money.

Nevertheless, no matter which online casino you go with, you’ll have no upfront costs to pay, and you can leave your ads in the background to work their magic and make you money.