Why Your Signature Can Be A Marketing Tool?

While it may seem insignificant and even unnecessary detail, an email signature can be of good use for many purposes. It is a universal tool for entrepreneurs, marketers, and individuals that can be used for optimizing emails and making them more effective.

Why do so many people ignore it? While a regular email user may not have heard of email signature and its importance yet, it is odd how many specialists in sales and marketing are still missing out on the opportunities it offers. It is a great tool for promotion and marketing. How so? In this article, we are going to tell you more about this!

What Does an Email Signature Aim For?

This tiny element of your email is used to set closer contact between the sender and the recipient. It works similar to a business card highlighting your professional style, sharing information, and contributing to the brand’s recognition. The only difference is that it comes in a digital form and performs all these tasks with less effort from your side.

Besides, it delivers a whole range of marketing opportunities if you use it right. For example, adding it to every email you send can make your recipients more engaged and ready to make contact. Thus, the number of openings and responses grows. 

What to include in your email signature? Below is a list of the basic elements that make a good footer:

  • Personal information – sender’s name, company, and the position he or she takes.
  • Contact details – choose the most relevant and used ways to contact you (for example, phone number, Skype, and email address) to allow your recipients reach you with ease.
  • Photo or logo – add one of these visual elements to either strengthen your company’s branding or to show your recipients that you are a real person.
  • Links – each company has personal sources to share with its clients and prospects; this may be a website, social media accounts, blog, or something else.

How To Use Your Email Signature For Marketing Purposes?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, there is a whole branch of marketing devoted to the use of email signatures in your strategy. It allows you to increase traffic, generate leads, improve branding, and convert your prospects into loyal customers. This element helps you highlight your emails, make them attention-grabbing and memorable.

How can it be a useful marketing tool? Below we have collected some of the best cases of email signature use that prove it is highly efficient for marketing purposes.

An easier way to contact you

Have you ever wondered how much time your prospect may waste searching for the contact details of your company’s employees? In fact, this sometimes can take lots of time and be quite devastating, especially if a person wants to reach you immediately. Thus, you may lose a potential customer only because you didn’t give him a way to reach you. But this will not happen if you have an automatic email signature. This way you save your customers’ time, and we bet that they will be thankful for this!

Link to a blog or website = more traffic

If you work in marketing during quite a long time, you probably know how much effort and time it takes to increase traffic. At some point, it may even seem that you have tried everything to do this. However, if you are not using your email for this purpose, you lose a huge opportunity!

By just adding a link or two to your and other employees’ signatures, you can observe a natural and rather quick growth of traffic. And the best part is that you don’t need to make any effort for this! Besides, the number of leads and clicks will boost along the way.

Demo video = more people potentially interested in your product

Do you have to send tons of letters to random people? Use this chance to spread a word about the services and products your company offers! To do this, include a link to the most recent demo video and follow it by a powerful call-to-action. Send it with every new email, and you will see how those strangers transform into your company’s loyal customers.

Besides, you can use a call-to-action for other results. For example, you may ask recipients to subscribe to your newsletters, read a recent article, offer to purchase a product at a special price, and pretty much do anything else!

Unique corporate design = better brand awareness

How many people work at your company? Consider creating a personal email signature for each, using one unique design pattern that highlights your company’s individuality. If you do this, the recognition of your brand will soon enhance. Here are a few tips on how to highlight your corporate style:

  • Add a logo or same-styled professional photos to every stamp;
  • Use relevant colors;
  • Provide the same details in every employee’s signature;
  • Use the same pattern for the organization of information;
  • Don’t change formats;
  • Keep the general style uniform.

Social media icons = more subscribers

If you have a pretty interesting Facebook page or Instagram account, use this for your benefit. It is not a secret that modern users spend at least 50% of their overall screen time in social media. Thus, such channels are now the best way to tell your prospects more about your products and encourage them to become your customers. Include clickable icons of your most engaging social channels to your signature, and you will get more followers, likes, shares, and possibly even more clients!

Well-designed email signature = more professional look

Old signatures that we are used to look outdated and quite unprofessional nowadays. You should also agree that a specialist whose emails end with a beautiful and functional footer seem much more reliable and professional, causing a sense of trust.

Banners to draw more attention

Bright banners attract attention and make recipients remember your emails. Besides, in some cases banners in your signature bring more results than paid ads, so you should at least give it a try!