Amit Bhardwaj New eBook Sells 100s Thousands of Copies, Hopes to Give Bitcoin Traction in India

We at a cusp in history. To most, all of this noise about Bitcoin by is only that – noise. And it is these people who are losing out on a life changing chance.

You know John McAfee, or at least that name rings a bell. He is the founder of the McAfee Antivirus and Malware software company. He has jumped head long into the Bitcoin mining trend. And earlier this year, after his company had invested in some mining rigs, he saw $312,000 in first-quarter revenue.

This past weekend, Bitcoin fell below $2,000 but bounced back to $2,346 on the date this article was written. What was John McAfee’s response? He took to Twitter and put his money where his mouth is by placing an open bet that Bitcoin will reach $500,000 in three years. And he’s so sure that he’s right that he was even willing to publicly bet his very manhood on this wager.

Who Else Is Weighing in on Bitcoin

Most of us in the Bitcoin world have heard his name. That is because his name is synonymous with the very term cryptocurrency. He’s Amit Bhardwaj, the Blockchain and Bitcoin Guru headquartered in Delhi, India. He has single-handedly brought Blockchain and Bitcoin to the forefront of Indian culture and finance, especially among the younger crowd. He is one among a number of Indians who are seeking to secure a digital form of currency in the hopes of bringing a more stable economy to the mostly poor country.

India is now the most populous country in the world, even outpacing China, who was once the world’s largest country by population for what seems like decades. With 1.32 billion people, 233 million Indians still don’t have bank accounts. This has become an area of concern since India has recently succeeded in demonetizing its banking system – means Indians must have a bank account in order to make purchases and conduct business. Prime Minister’s Jan-Dhan Yojna is pushing a program that will get every Indian citizen a bank account, but the number who still don’t have one is still well over 200 million.

And who has profited most from the government’s move? The financial institutions. With a remittance market reaching $70 billion annually, it is one of the largest in the world. And the fees are some of the highest as well – user pays up to 15% in bank charges and conversion fees. This is why cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are gaining popularity, and why innovators such as Bhardwaj are so active in disrupting the system.

Amit Bhardwaj’s Solution to the Problem

Earlier this month, Amit Bhardwaj released a much-anticipated ebook in the hopes of simplifying the world of cryptocurrency. “Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are set to transform the world with their efficient solutions. However, the promise and power of cryptocurrencies remain to be unleashed meaningfully – as limited awareness across stakeholder categories, plays spoilsport. My book has a simple objective – making the readers realise that blockchain is just like the internet or a motorbike – one doesn’t need to know the underlying technology to use it. The book empowers readers with requisite knowledge of the concept of blockchain and helps them appreciate its massive potential,” he said in an interview.

His new ebook, Cryptocurrency for Beginners, is now available to download for around $24 (or Rupee 1,499). When he was asked by the media how many copies have sold, he refused to give an exact number, but a top employee at his company GBMiners, on the premise of staying anonymous, stated that the number of books sold is in the hundreds of thousands.