7 Things to Look for When Hiring a Truly Motivational Speaker
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7 Things to Look for When Hiring a Truly Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for a fantastic way to improve any event or conference? Hire a motivational speaker. Individuals who have charisma, knowledge, experience, and stage presence can make your event a rousing success.

But amazing motivational speakers don’t grow on trees. Any Joe Schmoe can market himself as a motivational speaker, but that doesn’t mean he has what it takes to inspire your crowd. If you want someone to create a spark and drive your audience to greatness, here are some traits to look for in the person you hire:

1. Magnetism

The best motivational speakers have confidence, charisma, and likeability that make listeners seek to emulate them. Research shows that the most attractive thing in people is not their looks or knowledge, but their confidence. Your speaker doesn’t have to be the top expert in her field, as long as she is confident in what she says.

Confidence in speech-giving typically shows in the way speakers present themselves. They shouldn’t stutter or stumble over their words. They shouldn’t look or act nervous, as this can significantly detract from the points they’re trying to make.

2. Fluid

As they talk, motivational speakers should have a clearly presented idea that makes sense from beginning to end. It shouldn’t have too many side stories. It should feel cohesive and fluid.

Additionally, speakers should be flexible enough to present content that’s in line with your company’s goals. They should be able to roll with the punches and adapt if the audience takes them in a new direction.

3. Action-Oriented

The most inspiring speeches in history were not just pretty words delivered by a charismatic speaker. They invited individuals to act, and that should be the goal of any motivational speaker. Their message should clearly state actionable steps an individual can take to reach a designated goal.

4. Visual

A strong speaker will captivate an audience with their words for a time, but it’s usually not enough to keep their attention. Most people require a combination of auditory and visual presentations to fully comprehend subject matter.

Find a speaker who uses both powerful language and engaging visuals when presenting. PowerPoint presentations, videos, objects, mini-performances, and pictures can all portray a compelling point that words alone can’t always offer.

5. Passionate

An individual who strongly believes in what they’re saying will always draw a crowd. This is the fastest way to gain an audience’s respect, even if they don’t always agree with what the speaker has to say. Anyone who is not afraid to show their zeal for life is worth listening to.

Avoid speakers that are so passionate about their subjects that they’re closed-minded. If there’s a Q&A session, an overly passionate speaker can offend and lose the respect of their audience because they refuse to consider other ideas.

6. Authoritative

What makes the speaker you chose credible enough to deliver the speech they’re giving? Ideally, they’ll have a mixture of education and professional experience to back up anything they say.

For example, a speaker discussing avoiding burnout in thfix the problem.

e nursing field should probably have a background as a registered nurse who’s worked in the field, experienced burnout, and applied steps to Lack of authority in any subject can quickly dissuade an audience.

7. Mission-Oriented

This might go without saying, but make sure the speaker you choose will deliver a message that aligns with your mission. They don’t necessarily need to have experience in your specific field, but they should be able to inspire and motivate your people according to a desired directive.

For example, a professor of psychology and renowned author can deliver motivational tips to a group of tech professionals, even though she has never worked in the tech field. She has the expertise and content required to deliver a message aligned with your mission, and your entire audience will be impressed.

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