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Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest and Dead Men Tell No Tales Review

This is probably my favorite PoTC movie next to the original and now I’ll have to defend that statement. The cast and characters in this movie are spectacular. Of course, we had Johnny Depp as the titular Captain Jack in probably one of his finest performances as the character.
We also have the arrival of the best villain in the series, Davy Jones. He is a tortured, evil, manipulative, and superb villain. We also have a love triangle that actually works for once. Between Jack, Elizabeth, and Will, you see all sides to the characters motivations and root for all of them. Sometimes it’s against what you know is right.
The plot is also a grand step forward for the series. You have an evolving plot that develops the world around them and creates a fantastic web of deceit. Since the runtime is 2 hours and 25 minutes, they develop the subplots and plots very well.
It takes its time to dwell in each person’s own perspective sledding to the epic finale. Overall, this is a satisfying sequel that will do fans justice. 8.4/10
For the Dead Men Tell No Tales sequel, I hate to say it and it really hurts me to utter the words, but this is the worst PotC film to date. I love the first one, love the second, adore the third, like and tolerate the fourth, but despise what the now fifth entry has done to the billion dollar series.
First off are the characters. The Pirate films have always been well-constructed serious movies with comedy. However, this movie ditched that for straight up comedy. The films is almost always constantly joking and what’s horrible is when it gets serious, it’s usually pretty good.
The new two leads, on the other hand, which is Turner’s son and the Science Witch are horrible. Bad dialogue and lack of chemistry equal absolute suffering. Now the others in the film do great to okay. Javier Bardmem is phenomenal as the villain and gives one of the best performances of his career. Jeffrey Rush is spectacular as Barbosa, and Johnny Depp is good as Jack Sparrow. He may not be as witty as previous incarnations, but he’s one of the few funny elements in the film and he still has endless charm.
Now the plot is pretty wretched. It starts out with promise and slowly slips into poorly executed silly nonsense. The movie has characters, plot devices, and moments that are unexplained, not well done, and hard to watch.
The whole point of the movie is to get Poseidon’s Trident, but the execution of this idea is stupid, childish, and something from a bad episode of Star Trek. Now a positive is there are some great action sequences that did baffle me at how well done they are. As I mentioned earlier, when this movie wants to be serious it sometimes really gets you.
However, the very few pros don’t even come close to matching the monumental cons. This film is a disappointment and a disaster, and not even the epic end credit scene can save it. 2/5 Stars.