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28 Days Later Review

28 Days Later Review:
A modern cinematic zombie classic, 28 Days Later uses originality and intensity to craft an extremely compelling story.
First off, we have a great cast of actors and a great set of characters. Cillian Murphy gives a lurid performance in the lead role. He starts off as someone who won’t make it. He has to adapt to the environment and becomes what he hates in order to survive, and the transformation is an amazing watch.
Naomie Harris turns in yet another great performance as the hardened survivalist who will kill anyone and do anything to survive. She has retained her human nature at the center of his personality who allows for some great moments.
Along for the ride are Brendan Gleeson and Christopher Eccleston. Eccleston especially is an understandable and even sympathetic villain. His motives are muddy but his results are repulsive. That’s the true gem of the film. It replicates a Romero feel with its cineplex characters and natural setting. These people all seem to be going mad with the stress and horrors of everyday life.
The film takes advantage of its natural setting to fully immerse its audience in the very real world it creates. Combine that with some smart political commentary and you have yourself a phenomenal film. The story is well-developed and constantly giving you new things to think about and the scares are always well presented and the farthest thing from cheap.
Overall, 28 Days Later provides a new idea in the age old sub genre. It’s characters are complex and it’s plot surprisingly smart. 9.2/10