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28 Weeks Later Review

28 Weeks Later Review:
Tonight’s late right Review is the sequel to the beloved 28 Days Later. I, unfortunately, have to admit that it disappointed, but it still had a surprising level of quality.
First off, the movie had a so-so cast. Robert Carlyle leads the fray as probably the best character in the movie. He’s a sympathetic human being who makes some hard, brutal, and unforgivable choices in the name of survival. We get to see his best and worst in the opening 15 minutes of the film.
The movie started out as a great follow up then things got generic. The characters from the kids, the nice military lady, and even the military guy who knows what he’s doing is wrong is something we’re all too familiar. Jeremy Renner and Rose Byrne all give fantastic performances and are good protagonists, but as a sequel to a movie that was everything but generic, the movie disappointed.
The original, in fact, started trends that other zombie movies would follow. However, between these characters we still get some gut wrenching emotion and the brutal realism we all want. We are out with these people in a fight or flight situation.
The plot is about the same. It’s a clever and immensely entertaining story but not that original. While it has moments of brilliant character moments, terrifying scares, and intense sequences, the movie’s buffed budget made for a more of one action sequence after the other. Less character development, less actual visceral horror, and more explosions and bullets flying. We get some nice ideas and we’ll executed plot points, but we’ve seen them all before.
Overall, this is a good sequel that falls victim to being just another well-done zombie film. It had good characters and good story that should’ve been great. I hate to say it but this film borrows some of the cliches and generics set by its predecessor. 7.5/10

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