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31 Review

31 Review:
I do fancy myself a A Rob Zombie fan. I’ve seen all his live action films and I like the majority of them. But 32 has its pros and cons. The cons are that the editing at times can be jumpy and the plot is hard to grasp because of the pacing.
Now a real highlight was when Zombie finally found a place for his protagonist. This is his most likable character in his cinematic career and that really helps when everyone is getting sucked up. It was a happy and welcome surprise. On the pro side is @richbrake as Doomhead. Doomhead is one of my favorite horror characters of all time and that’s in no small part to Rich Brake’s fanatical performance that’s both mesmerizing and terrifying.
Now the plot is also interesting. It had its flaws but overall was an interesting and creative turn for Zombie. The movie 31 is something that will appeal to horror fans and Zombie fans. Mainstream might even want to give this one a whirl, who knows. 3.5/5 Stars. #31 @richbrake @sherimoonzombieofficial @robzombieofficial #movie #movies #moviereview #moviereviews #2017 #horror #zombie #robzombie #richbrake #killer #clowns