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Alien Covenant Re-Review

Alien Covenant Re-Review:
I think it’s very important to go over films more than once to get a better understanding of its quality. Alien Covenant is a prime example of this.
Upon my first viewing, I honestly disliked this film very much, only giving it three to three and a half stars out of five. However, a second viewing has skyrocketed that rating and I’m here to say why.
First off, it’s because of a strong central cast. These characters are all grounded, well-developed, and easy to follow. We get attached to all of them and all go through some kind of change—be that emotional, physical or both.
The characters have chemistry-filled interactions, and this leads to some fascinating character conflict and relationships. Then there’s the stellar duel performance by Michael Fassbender as Walter and David. Both performances are praiseworthy but David’s is electrifying. He shines as the villain to this film with psychological and philosophical depth.
The return of the xenomorph is also exceptionally well done. We get a fantastic new addition to the mythos with the terrifying nenorph, but the xenomorph is the true star. CGI allows us to see it in its full natural and horrify glory and this leads to some intense and beautiful scene.
The plot is equally impressive. It’s an engaging and fascinating story that isn’t afraid to have a superb reflection of creation, God complexes, and religion in general.
The level of skill and symbolism in this movie truly adds depth to most of the characters and thought-provoking reasoning to their motives. The film very much reminds me of Blade Runner and I think in time it’s audience will find it.
Overall, this is one of my favorite films of the year and one of my favorite science fiction films of all time. With a great cast and a thought-provoking plot, you have yourself a fine entry in the Alien saga that will be appreciated more as the years go by. 9.3/10