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Alien Resurrection Review

Alien Resurrection Review:
This was the final entry in the the original Alien series and like most mighty horror franchise, this is the worst. However, just because it’s the worst doesn’t mean it’s another Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation or Halloween Resurrection.
The movie has a very capable cast. Ron Pearlman, Brad Dourif, and Sigourney Weaver lead the front again. While Ron and Brad give top performances, Weaver is off. One of my favorite cinematic characters is reduced to weird muscle ticks, bad dialogue, horrible basketball skills, and a barely a handful of good moments. She has her emotional weight, but if it weren’t for Weaver giving it her best, this would probably be her worst performance.
The plot is better than the acting. It introduced a fresh new idea that could potentially take the series in new directions. I personally found the human/xenomorph hybrid to be a fascinating and great idea, and all of it was done with superb practical effects. However, the execution of the idea is very lackluster. What we get is a disappointing evolution of the Alien series and its new ideas.
This movie tried its hardest to kill everything that fans had come to love about the series. As a guilty pleasure, I can see why you might like it. 4.5/10 from me.