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American Sniper Review

Wit Clint Eastwood recently putting out a new film, I thought it best to go back and review maybe one or two of his more recent cinematic endeavors. The most profitable of those is undoubtedly is the Chris Kyle biopic, American Sniper.
Let’s start with the acting. Bradley Cooper gives the the finest performance of his career as the star of this patriotic hero of this real life film. He goes all in with the most impressive part of his role being the physical change. He gained an insane amount of muscle and kept to an even insaner routine to keep in shape.
Cooper’s dedication to the role pays off with a powerful performance that will beautifully showcase the high and low points of the character’s personality. Cooper puts the audience in the war, in the White House, but to put it bluntly, he moves the audience into the movie. The supporting cast is just as impressive with everyone doing a spectacular job at convincing the audience this isn’t just another movie but an experience.
Then there’s the story, which I take issue with. It has its powerful moments and is truly captivating, but there are two massive flaws. The first being the structure. It jumps from point to point in Kyle’s life too fast and often times skimps on the important moments needing development. There is a plethora of development and character arc to go around, but it’s cut thin at times.
My second problem is how inaccurate the movie can be at times. Having read the book this is based off of, I can say some of the key scenes and motivations in this movie are jumps in believability to outright fabrication. As a movie billed as a true story, there are moments in this film that blatantly aren’t true.
Overall though, American Sniper is a wonderfully and powerfully told salute to its real life hero that unfortunately gets too caught up in its effort to honor him and in the process, does him the dishonor of putting fame to his name that was never there. 8.3/10

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