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An American Werewolf in London Review

An American Werewolf in London Review:
Tonight’s late night review is a classic in the genre and one of the first werewolf films ever made. An American Werewolf in London has stood the test of time and has been critically acclaimed for it.
First off, we have an unforgettable slew of central characters. The lead to this film is an instantly likable and immensely sympathetic protagonist. We get a perk into his everyday demeanor and truly want him to get the best ending possible. It makes it that much more painful as we watch things get progressively worse. However, a truly amazing aspect of the film is the supporting cast.
When it comes to my favorite aspect of the film, it’s the dark comedy introduced by the ghost/zombie victims following the lead. It was a brilliant move and led to some genuinely funny moments but also some great character interactions. The romance, chemistry, and dialogue are an absolutely top notch.
Then there’s the plot. The plot is a short and to-the-point horror story that is brilliantly creative and brilliant at every turn. It somehow manages to scare, humor, and break your heart all in the span of an hour and a half. It takes a horribly dark subject with mixed humor into it, which is no small feat to do.
For the effects, the Werewolf scenes and the transformation scene itself is brilliant and is hard to watch. Every noise and every hair is shown growing out of his body in the most painful fashion. The finished product is nothing short of what nightmares are made of.
Overall, this is a pillar of the Werewolf sub-genre and this is a hundred percent in part to iconic characters, an intelligent script, and unforgettable practical effects that will amaze and horrify decades later. 9.2/10