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Army of Darkness Review

Army of Darkness Review:
This is the third and final entry in the original cinematic Evil Dead series. God I love this movie. Army of Darkness is one of my favorite horror movies of all time and I’m about to tell you why that is.
First let’s talk about the acting. Bruce Campbell is spotless and perfect as always. His Ash is at its most ashiest in this film and for fans that means nothing but smooth sailing. Each supporting actor creates an overacted but passionate character. That includes the secret @choptopmoseley’s portrayal of the sinister villain.
Now the plot. The plot is a devilishly silly but horrific medieval tale of deadites versus Ash. The effects in this film really do help the plot because combined with Rami’s expert directing, they create a truly magnificent cinematic experience for horror fans.
Overall, I truly love Army of Darkness and would highly recommend it. 4.5/5 Stars. #movie #movies #armyofdarkness #evildead #ash #ashvsevildead #2017 #horror #moviereview #moviereviews #groovy #classic

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