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Baywatch Review

I honestly expected this to get good reviews. It had a great cast, great trailers, a good director, and a quality feel to it all. This should have been the next 21 Jump Street, and it very much tries to be. First off the characters all suck for the first twenty minutes. They’re all overly cruel, self absorbed, magical jerks to Zac Efron. There is funny hazing and then there’s doing what these guys did to him for no other reason than the fact they liked to see him suffer. The Rock was unlikable, Daddario was unlikable, and just about everyone in the cast were shallow and unlikable. Then after he first twenty minutes they become what we want them to be. The Rock is the coolest guy in town while also being a center for laughs, Efron and Daddiro have an interesting and nice relationship, and the cast is, for the most part, acceptable.
However the out of shape guy’s romance with the hot chick was stupid with every second it got on screen. The plot really didn’t do much else. It had a dumb villain executing a dumb plan, with dumb actions. The entire movie was one stupid decision by, at the time of making the decision, a stupid character time and time again. Efron got some dark and fascinating depth, but they don’t focus on it long enough for it to be anything more than a fleeting moment of brilliance. This film just shows how to make a dumb film that has only s few laughs and a few moments of fun. Those few moments however are pretty good, and so think under the proper direction a sequel could really put this series on the right track. Overall this is a dumb fun movie lacking a lot of the fun. The cast is mediocre at best and the story never gets above horrendous. 4.1/10

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