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Blair Witch Review

Blair Witch Review: This 2016 attempt to revitalize the cultural phenomenon known as The Blair Witch Project didn’t really go as planned, but I will stand by its side and defend it. First off, we have a surprising central group of characters. I was expecting a bunch of cliche found footage fair but what I got is an interesting character lineup to follow through these troubled events. There’s an emotional connection to the original and it is a driving point for the characters. All the characters have great chemistry and suck you into the film. The best part of the film, however, is the plot. It creates an entirely new sense of mythology and this creates a thick and terrifying sense of atmosphere. The isolation in the woods combined with the slew of new questions and ideas the film presents is pure genius. The mix of time and witchcraft makes for a completely original film.
Instead of copying the original film like so many delayed sequels do, this film crafts its own story and marks it’s own legacy. I have a certain respect for Adam Wingard for his phenomenal marketing tactics and his strides of creativity. Nonetheless, the film is not without its fault. The tactic of projecting this film as an original film only to reveal at Comic- Con that it was Blair Witch was one of, if not my, favorite marketing tactic of a film to date. He knows how to get the word out there. In answering the question that there’s without a doubt, a Witch, it does away with the surrealism of the original. The finale of this film is somewhat overdone. It’s non-stop and horribly intense but at the same time this is because it’s a bit too much.
Overall, Blair Witch is a great return to the woods for this horror series because it has a capable cast and a phenomenal story that present new and electrifying ideas that leave you pondering and going over the movie long after you’ve left the theater. 7.2/10