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Blood Diner Review

Blood Diner Review:
This is without a doubt the wackiest, oddest, and most creative horror film I’ve ever seen in the horror genre.
The characters in this film overact just about everything, have the funniest dialogue, and are perfect for the film. Our three leads, the brothers and the brain, are about as zany and fun a lead as they’re actual characters suggest. Their plan to bring back an ancient God through slashing and dismembering civilians in the town, only to cook and serve them in their restaurant is pure creative genius.
The chemistry between the brothers is on point and over the top in every scene. Their antics are hilarious but all the same horrific. The supporting cast is just as hilarious and over the top. One of the side characters is literally, for no reason, an inanimate doll that never moves but has lines and does get around the movie.
The plot can be summed up as the lack of logic replaced with fun insanity. Jackie Kong took the reins of this one and directed a feature like no other. The simple truth is you’re either gonna hate her different kind of horror movie or you’ll love it. By the end, you’ll have a big smile on your face or you’ll click it off halfway through. You can guess which I was.
Overall, Blood Diner was a fantastic horror comedy that didn’t take itself seriously for a second, but someone still delivered an unforgettable thrilling ride of hilarious and illogical murderous schemes that I won’t soon forget. 8.3/10

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