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Blood Rage Review

Blood Rage Review:
This movie honestly surprised me with its level of quality, acting, and creativity. For a slasher film that came out in the 80’s, this movie really is a dime in a dozen. It takes a different idea and plays it out in the genre we all love, but they gave something new and satisfying instead of just satisfying.
This is another case of a title mix up, with the actual title being Blood Rage and the one we see in the movie being the Slasher. Whatever sells, I guess.
Now with the cast, we get a great set of leads. Our two twin brothers are spectacular in their respective roles. One of them is killing people and the other is innocent, but the one who is innocent is getting blamed leads to great source of tension.
The personalities of the brothers also add a sense of hatred and likability to them. Our supporting casts also does a great job. They are all likable, realistic, and characters you can easily follow. In essence, we want them to survive.
The plot is, as you may have guessed, creative. It takes a neat new idea and plays it out with a few too many cliches. I like the constant tension and new idea, but most of the kills played out as you would expect them to. The kills them self are fun, done with great effects, and a blast to watch. The ending in particular brings to close some great character arcs and has some real emotional resolution.
Overall, this movie does a fine job of standing out as a slasher film in a time dominated by similar movies, but it still falls into some cliche despite its best efforts. 7.3/10