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Body Bags Review

Body Bags Review:
Tonight’s late night review is one of my favorite horror films of all time and one of John Carpenter’s best as well. This is a love letter to horror fans abroad.
Even though John Carpenter hates anthology movies, he came together with long time collaborators and friends to make a purely fun project, and unsurprisingly, there’s a great amount of quality in this fun project.
First off, let’s discuss the cast and characters. This has an array of splendid actors putting on spectacular performances. You have John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Mark Hamill, Stacey Keach, Alex Datcher, David Warner, and even Wes Craven along for the ride.
Then there’s the plot. The first segment is a great slasher flick with loads of fun cameos and Carpenter atmosphere. The second is reflective of Carpenter’s more odd filmography like Christine and the third is a brutal and electrifying thriller by Tobe Hooper in his usual efforts to both horrorify and push boundaries.
This entire movie is flowing with passion and spirit. Carpenter, King, and Hooper all poured their efforts into this film and made something special. It’s a horror movie for horror fans, and even without considering that, it still holds high levels of quality.
It has cameos for fans and atmosphere they can sink right into. The stories are full of engaging characters and fascinating plots that will suck you in for the short time you’re watching. John Carpenter delivers an unforgettable performance as the Mortian and he is honestly one of my favorite horror characters, to date.
Overall, this movie oozes spirit and has some greats segments, Carpenter an Hooper have outdone themselves in making a truly fun experience for fans of the horror genre. 9.1/10