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Bride Of Re-Animator Review

Bride of Re-Animator Review:
What other late night movie would I review than the Jeffrey Combs starting cult classic, Bride or Re-Animator. Seeing as the original is in my top six favorite horror films, I had high expectations.
In fact, I put off watching this for a long time out of fear of disappointment. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. This movie carries the spirit of the original but moves the story forward with originality and loads of character development.
In terms of the characters, Combs is back and better than ever as a Hubert West with all the power and body parts he could want.
We get to see him at is truly lost insane and unhinged, but we also see his friendship grow. The dynamic between him and Dan is complicated but scene-stealing.
Dan also has a great arc in this movie. As a man heartbreaking and seeking love, he has some great moments with Francesca. However, his love for Meg and his newfound attraction towards Fran lead to some surprisingly intense and entertaining moments for his character.
It pulls you in and makes everyone that much more human. Nonetheless, my favorite aspect of the movie was the story. It didn’t copy the original but instead made its own mark by creating a new story full of grand new ideas and equally fascinating subplots.
The development of the romances to Hubert’s who becoming too inflated, the story comes together to one of the most insane and personal favorite finales to any film I have ever seen. It’s bombastic, full of emotional terror and was a fitting end to the Re-Animator Series.
Overall, Bride of Re-Animator may not reach the originals level, but it’s still a ferociously original and brilliant piece of science fiction horror all brought together by another brilliant performance from Jeffrey Combs. 8.4/10