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Child’s Play 3 Review

Child’s Play 3 Review:
As the concluding chapter to the original Child’s Play series, it’s, in fact, the worst of the bunch. However, I can’t deny its charm and physique.
In the cast, we have Andy and Chucky which are original characters from the previous installments. Andy’s dynamic as a relatable and down-to-earth character. He gets more sympathy points and goes through quite a bit more in this movie than the others seeing as he has to deal with more than just Chucky.
It’s at the rigorous boot camp that we get something interesting. Although cliche and predictable, the dynamics between him and the other orphans are what spices things up.
The acting from the cast and the tension building off their dislike of each other makes for a surprisingly engrossing story. Chucky’s part is probably the most comedic and weakest of the series. While Brad Dourif is back, the script fails him at many points.
The whole horror aspect is almost thrown out in favor of a more comedic tone. Because Dourif puts in the work, it elevates the lack of darkness, but the film still suffered.
I want to say that this film’s interesting story made up for the lack of scares, but the finale just goes over the top and leaves everyone with a high budgeted explosive end to the series that is anything but. It feels like another sequel and not what is suppose to be the final Child’s Play. However, the story from start to finish will keep you entertained, fan or no fan, and the returning characters are at some of their best.
Overall, this movie is a decent endeavor for Chucky and I’m glad this isn’t where the series ended. Even if the next two are some of the worst films ever made, they paved the way for Curse and Cult. 7.1/10

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