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Creepshow 2 Review

Creepshow 2 Review:
As everyone knows, I’m a huge George Romero and Stephen King fan, and Creepshow is my fave horror film of all time. However, the first time watching this I hated it. It dropped the ball in almost every way and just felt like a Tales From the Crypt rip off instead of a sequel to one of the most inventive and imaginative horror films I’ve ever seen.
After a second viewing of the Arrow Video release, my opinion changed. First off, I liked the segments more. The first one is a great blend of old style horror comic gun and features a great setting. It has the signature music and lighting of the original.
The second was a great idea with some phenomenal moments but is poorly executed. It ultimately defeated itself. The final story was, just like the others, a great idea. It has its moments but in the end was too full of an action and dragged on, but I love the ending.
The overarching story outside of everything was the saving grace. An unforgettably ghoulish performance from Tom Savini as the Creeper led to some great moments and the ending to this film is everything I love about this series bundled into five minutes.
It’s perfect to sum it up. I want to like this more but the final moments prove it could’ve been better. Instead of being the passion project the original was between Romero, King, and Savini, this film felt like they all came back for the sake of a sequel without the usual passion they’ve shown before.
It obviously took a lot of notes from Tales From the Crypt and just becomes what essentially is another episode of that series. The actors are good, the characters are mediocre, and the movie does deliver in quality. However, it missed the spark and imagery that makes me love the original so much. Overall, it’s an okay movie although it looks like a cash grab with little passion. 6.2/10