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Creepshow Review

Creepshow Review:
Tonight’s late night review is the George Romero Stephen King cult classic Creepshow. I saw Creepshow early into my venture into the horror genre and it has become my unquestionable favorite horror movie and one of my favorite movies of all time.
I love every aspect of this film, from its cast, plot, effects, and director. You can tell that George Romero, Stephen King, and Tom Savini had true passion behind the project. All of their film styles come together perfectly into what is their best work.
First off, we have the very spectacular cast. We have the likes of Sir Leslie Jones, Ed Harris, Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, and many many more gabardine actors. Each gives an unforgettable performance and creates a likable or dislikable character in the span of only 20 minutes.
The standout performance of the movie, however, is Stephen King. This is his only starring role and he shines as a funny, simple-minded, but ultimately heartbreaking character.
The plot is even better. The movie perfectly captures the essence of the comics that inspired it. Its engaging story is impressive considering it’s two hours long and consists of five stories. Each one has its own heart and passion, but my favorite would have to be The Crate.
Another brilliant aspect of the movie is its lighting. The use of blue and red lighting in this movie gives it a feel like no other. It puts the pages on the screen and creates an atmosphere I have yet to encounter in any other movie, horror or not.
Overall, Creepshow is the greatest horror movie I have ever seen. George Romero knows how to command the cast, Stephen King knows how to write a good horror movie, and Tom Savini knows how to light up the screen with dazzling effects. This is a must watch for any fan of cinema! 10/10