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Cult of Chucky Review

Cult of Chucky Review
Cult of Chucky Review:
A long running theatrically released horror series going straight to DVD almost always means the death of the series. But in the case of Leatherface and the Curse of Chucky, that mindset has changed. The Curse of Chucky was a great surprise because of how well-made and just how amazing it was, so I had high hopes for Cult.
Let’s start with the characters. Fiona Dourif returns and is better than ever. Her character gets loads of development and she is again faced with a plethora of new problems, but this time the array of problems begin to make the viewers question her sanity. The inception-like journey she goes on made me really ponder if she was in fact going crazy and if Chucky was there at all. Brilliant move on the director’s part if you ask me.
The supporting cast is just as good. Our new set of characters are all well fleshed out and have interesting and defined personalities. This leads to attachment and some truly brutal reveals and twists about them.
Brad Dourif returns as the titular title character and is better than ever. Chucky goes to the darkest places he’s ever been in this film reminding us he really is the villain of the Tory. However, he’s still as darkly comedic and verbally genius as ever. Alex Vincent returns as Andy for this film and slips into the shoe effortlessly. His character is as genuinely heroic as ever but he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty to do the right thing.
The plot is just as great. It has some great ideas that turned the series on its head and opened an array of new doors for the series. It helps that the script is intelligent in its own right. The story is a constantly written perplexing and unforgettable tale of madness and murder that will leave you gaping at its twisted ending.
Overall, Cult of Chucky is one of the best movies of the year and one of the best in the series. The cast is the best the series has ever had and the story is the darkest in ages, and the plot itself launches the series into uncharted new and fascinating grounds. 9/10

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