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Dave Made a Maze Review

Dave Made a Maze Review:
A more recent release, Dave Made a Maze is one of the best films of the year. It combines hilarious and unbound creativity to craft a cinematic experience like no other.
The movie just creates a completely new and hilarious idea. It takes a cardboard maze and turns it into maybe the best R rated comedy of the year. We get a lot of great characters, great dialogue, and hilarious effects.
The cardboard maze itself is dazzling. Every corner, every creature, and every violent death was fantastical in every sense of the word. The movie captures a sense of wonderment and fun I haven’t seen in a movie this year.
The characters are as great as you’d expect. They’re quiet and quirky but there’s heart to all of them. Each one gets a nice arc and goes through some development, and the relationship between Dave and his girlfriend is one of my favorite romances of the year.
Dave himself got some phenomenal human development and character revelations that make him an immensely relatable lead. I also loved how they never explained how he made the whole thing animate besides the fact that he did. It left a sense of whimsical and dramatic wonderment to it all.
Overall, this brutal blast of creativity will make you laugh and may even get you to rewatch it two or three times. It’s fun from beginning to end and this is due to some great characters and a fantastic plot. 9/10