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Dawn of the Dead Review

Back to the good movies. Dawn of the Dead came out a decade after the original. However it loses no momentum or quality. Like Psycho II, this movie had passion in just about every corner. Whether it be the commanding and brilliant George Romero behind the camera, the talented cast in front or the likes of Tom Savini doing the spectacular zombie effects, the movie has all the passion in the world.
The story is one of the earliest and probably best deprivations of the pelt scaling into the Zombie apocalypse. Unlike NotLD, this movie shows things on a global scale. We get a real sense of doom and this is even better when our trio make it to the mall. There, we get some great social commentary and feelings of isolation. We see the scale of the zombie apocalypse and that there might be no hope for our group.
The constant sense of danger and threat add up to some well-executed scares that will put the audience on the edge of their seat some forty years later. The characters driving this film are well-,rounded three dimensional personas. We get to see all their personality traits—both good and bad. We learn who these people are as human beings and the truth is they all have flaws.
This film is one of the greatest zombie and horror movies of all time and it has had a massive impact on modern society. Overall, this movie has a talented cast, director, and still delivered the scares decades later. 9.4/10