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Day of the Dead Bloodline Review

Day of the Dead Bloodline Review:
Day of the Dead is one of my favorite horror movies and a truly classic film from George Romero. From the first time I’ve seen the trailer, I was shocked in how hyped it got me so I was excited for this remake.
With recent direct-to-video films in the horror genre being of high quality, I expected great things from this, but unfortunately it’s a massive disrespect to the legacy of Romero’s classic. First up it’s not as smart or morally complicated as the original.
This film is essentially a predictable gore fest with bad dialogue and a shallow survival story. The original had commentary on how purposeless society’s norms were, how easy it could all go away and be forgotten, and built a truly apocalyptic feel between the cast.
It had complicated and human characters, and it built it phenomenally leading to an epic and satisfying finale to the Dead trilogy. This movie has none of that. It has one gory fight after the other, usually built up by illogical plotting and stupid characters. With a disappointing cast, horrible script, and no respect for the original, not even the surplus budget and excellent cinematography can save this film.
Especially after the recent passing of Romero, this film is just made hay much worse with the fact it’s using his film’s name to profit without hardly any effort out into the writing and characters.
Overall, Day of the Dead Bloodline is a disappointment in every front and spits in the face of the Romero original. To sum it up, it’s Day of the Dead without anything that made Day of the Dead good. By the end of the year my rating will probably have sunk. 4.3/10

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