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Day of the Dead Review

Day of the Dead Review:
This is my final review in Romero’s Living Dead series and it’s one of my favorites. This just might be my favorite in Romero’s Living Dead series and here’s why. It may not be as influential or impactful as the other two, it boasts of a powerful story and arguable some of the greatest character conflict in the series.
If humanity was smacked into a corner, how would we react? In the end, this movie paints a very realistic and brutal picture. What it basically says is that we aren’t worth saving. As a species we are cruel and brutal to each other, and in a way it’s fitting that most humans die horrible and brutal deaths, just like the way they lived.
The human characters are spectacular, as usual. While they may not he the best in the series, it’s great social commentary and probably some of the best dialogue in the series. This movie will provoke your mind and will make you reconsider how you view most modern society.
Another massive plus are the effects.Tom Savini puts to screen, probably some of his best practical effects to date. In fact ,these just might be his best effects to date. They are dazzling, horrifying, and unforgettable.
Overall, this is a zombie movie with great characters, dialogue, effects, and a spectacular send off to one of the greatest trilogies of all time. 9/10

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