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Deadly Blessing Review

Deadly Blessing Review: Tonight’s late night review is, as usual, an oddity. Wes Craven is one of my favorite directors and this is one of his oddest films. It has a bizarre, interesting, but nonetheless effective premise. First off, the cast is spectacular. We have an array of likable and memorable character to follow along this strange journey. We get a lot of sympathy for our lead through a tragic and relatable event at the beginning of the film. Her friends are equally likable and relatable because of how kind they are to their suffering friend.
The villains, or supposed villains, are spectacular as well. Ernest Borgnine gives a powerhouse, dedicated, and to-the-bone performance as an Amish community leader. He’s dedicated in his performance and every line of dialogue was delivered superbly. The plot is where things go right and wrong. On the positive side of things, it’s a creative, intriguing, and scary story. Not many horror films from this decade genuinely scare me, but there were for than a few moments that just sent me over the edge. One of them involved a Water Moccasin and a bathtub. Pure nightmares.
The con is that the movie falls into cliche near the end and the ending gives me mixed feelings. The endnote film had a brilliant back and forth between supernatural and practical, making you really think and examine the evidence on who the killer was. Then the twist came along and I loved it. It was deviant, brutal, bizarre, and shocking. However, they threw one more twist in and I kinda like it, but at the same time, it’s just a cheap scare. Overall, the movie has a strong cast, a good story, and some great scares. Wes Craven delivers one of his more adventures ideas, and it, as usual, is effective. 7/10