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Death Proof Review

Death Proof Review:
I’m gonna touch on three things which are the acting, plot, and where is it on the Tarantino scale. There’s really only one actor in this movie you can talk about. Sure, everyone does great but one shines above all others and that is KURT RUSSELL.
He’s beyond amazing in this film. He’s funny, crazy, scary, sad, and everything in between in every scene he’s in. It’s a pleasure to see an actor as talented as Kurt Russell have so much fun in a role like this.
Now to the plot. The whole vehicular homicide is a great premise, and the signature Tarantino style makes the dialogue, character development, and deaths even better. It’s a simple plot that entertains. Though I will say I hate the ending and this could have gotten a sequel about Mike’s revenge. One can only dream.
Now to its Tarantino scale. In his line of masterpieces, Hateful 8 & Django Unchained etc, this is a difficult one. While the unforgettable Kurt Russell performance does great things, the overall movie is flawed. You don’t really care about the first group of girls, and the movie spends way to much time on them.
More than the bad ending, this movie has quite a few points taken off. On a Tarantino scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 5. As a review, it’s a 4/5. @thehatefuleightmovie @oscars.2016 @realquentintarantinofanclub #movie #movies #tarintino #hateful8 #kurtrussel #actor #actors #2015 #2016 #oscars #deathproof #horror #thriller

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