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Death Wish Review

Death Wish Review:
I’ve been very interested in this film since I first heard news of its production. Eli Roth’s name attached to a film starring Bruce Willis caught my eye and kept my attention all the way till opening night, but after the reviews hit I went in with low expectations.
However, this film was a gleefully macabre surprise. First of all, Bruce Willis is truly back. One of my favorite performances in his career, he plays a different kind of guy who steps up when he’s dealt the ultimate blow. Willis pushes himself as an actor and we get some truly emotional and truly amazing moments from him. While the supporting cast does just as great a job with likable side characters and a truly disposable villains.
My favorite aspect of the movie was Eli Roth’s touch to the violence and aesthetic. This dark and relentless tale of revenge builds our family before tearing it apart and from there, it’s holds nothing back. Roth being the filmmaker he is, has some hard-to-watch scenes of torture which are surprisingly fascinating to watch with all the brutal action sequences included.
The plot, on the other hand, is predictable and the story presents nothing new. But the good thing is that it’s delivered with grindhouse passion and love intertwined, which makes it a love letter to a type of film we honestly never see anymore. Done with competent skill, you could really say that the admission price was worth the entertainment.
Overall, Death Wish presents a grindhouse revenge flick with amped up emotion from Willis and gore from Roth. Together, it shocks people for a good hour and forty minutes to remind them superhero movies aren’t the only ones who can take the law into their own hands. 7.4/10