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Demon Knight Review

Demon Knight Review:
A late night movie for a late night review. I hadn’t seen any Tales From the Crypt for about five maybe six months and the opening to this film brought a big smile on my face. From there it was just an hour and a half episode of Tales From the Crypt, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
This film is for fans and fans only. It has a cast that are recurring actors from the series, many granular elements, familiar humor, and the world best host himself, the Crypt Keeper. The movie consists of pretty basic but well-acted and fun characters. You like who you’re supposed to like and hate who you’re supposed to hate, and that especially goes for the antagonist. The man was a joy to watch and I loved him for it.
Now, the plot is actually quite good as well. It’s a clever idea filled with tons of phenomenal practical effects, intense scenes, and witty dialogue. Not to mention it has a great set to work on. This film is the amalgamation of everything a horror fan loves in a horror movie and everything a Tales From the Crypt fan would want in a movie. It left me happy and with a smile on my face wanting more, but at the same time feeling satisfied. 7.4/10