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Demons Review

Demons Review:
This is a blast of a horror movie that skimps on development and just gives you a good time. The movie has the perfect 80’s setting.
A group of people are invited to see an early screening of a yet to be seen horror movie. The design of the theater is great and it sets a great sense of atmosphere. The cast is as generic as they come. It hits every beat that was ever hit in the genre, but I couldn’t have had more fun watching it.
Then we have the effects. The practical effects are spectacular. They’re bright, colorful, and will amaze even the most hardened horror fan. This movie really is just one big attempt to cash in on what was popular at the time. It’s horribly predictable, almost entirely unoriginal, but it’s a fun watch.
The plot somehow recycles thousands of things from other movies and it still manages to entertain and keep your attention. It’s a strangely engaging story with characters you root for. It’s some of the dumbest fun you’ll ever get while watching a horror movie though.
I’m not saying as a horror fan you’ll like this movie. Just because you’re a horror fan or you like horror movies, it doesn’t mean that your standards for movies go down. You can call out a crap film anytime, but you can enjoy the dumb ones all the same.
I like Jason Takes Manhattan but it’s a deeply flawed film, I enjoy Freddy’s Dead but it’s still a grunge film, and for both of those movies I can admit it. Just like any other genre enthusiast, you can enjoy the dumber films in the genre and happily admit it.
Unfortunately, sites like Rotten Tomatoes spread the idea that horror enthusiasts will like just about any horror film—good or bad. If a horror movie is bad, it’s bad, but if it has a level of enjoyment then by God we’ll enjoy it.
Overall Demons, is a poorly English dubbed, practical effects-filled, gory, generic, and immensely fun 80’s horror movie. I think just about everything can have a great late night viewing with this one. 5/10

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