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Dracula Untold Review

Dracula Untold Review:
With The Mummy attempting to relaunch the Dark Universe, let’s look back at was supposed to be the original set off.
Dracula Untold was Luke Evans’ first starting role and he handles the character very well. He has charisma and is overall a well-developed character. However, the rest of the cast are cliched which we’ve seen before in films like this and will undoubtedly see again. It was a shame to see such a strong lead and such weak supporting characters.
One of the weakest would have to be the villain. Dominic Cooper is a fantastic actor (just watch Preacher if you don’t believe me) but he doesn’t have a lot to work with here and he ends up being pretty forgettable.
The plot isn’t much better. It’s entertaining and to a degree, well-executed, but it’s horribly predictable and provides nothing new to anyone who has ever seen an action film. You’ll have fun with these characters and with the movie, but there’s not a lot to brag about.
However, something right it does do is push the PG-13 limit. This film is quite violent for a movie snot slapped with an R-rating and has moments that just might give a smaller studio film an R rating. Maybe it’s just a personal thing, but I like it when a movie has to earn its PG-13 rating.
Overall, Dracula Untold was about even to the Mummy when it comes to starting off the Dark Universe: both films have strong leads, but are heavily lacking in supporting characters. Both their plots are predictive and the only reason I could say the Mummy was better would be because of its strong villain. 5.7/10